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When making or editing a page on the ULTRAKILL Wiki, please keep in mind the guidelines laid out in this Style Guide to help make this wiki easier to read and more consistent.

Don't stress out over this. If your style is off, other people will correct it. You can also ask for help if you feel your page does not match our guidelines, or if you are just not sure. This is a collaborative project, you do not have to know how to write research papers to contribute.

Unreleased Content

Do not make any pages on unreleased content. This includes enemies, weapons, levels or even tracks, although input on the Development page will be appreciated.

Compare to Wikipedia's Style

Wikipedia's style has proven to be effective at improving readability and accessibility. While our style guidelines are not as strict, it is still a great place to start if you want to understand how to write for this wiki. One major difference is that this wiki does not follow the "Wikipedia Is Not A Game Guide" policy, as that is information people are likely to want when coming to this wiki. Do be mindful of where you place guide-like information, however, and try to keep it separated from other content when possible.

Clinical Tone

Try to maintain a neutral, clinical tone when writing. This makes the text much easier to parse for the reader, and overall makes the wiki look much better. This is not a diary, it is an encyclopedia.

  • Avoid emotionally charged terminology unless it is necessary.
  • Keep things concise. Do not embellish. Verbosity is not the goal.
  • Try to avoid contractions and colloquialisms.
  • Keep things practical.


If you write a joke, it had better be funny, or at least informative in some way. There are some circumstances where something humorous has practical merit, but frequent attempts at humor that do not actually improve the article make things much less readable and much more annoying. In addition, many, if not most, nicknames, jokes, etc. related to ULTRAKILL are not actually widespread within the broader community, and are irrelevant to most users looking to find informative content about the game.

In addition, as events elsewhere in the community have shown that people cannot agree on what is "funny", adding unnecessary attempts at humor to pages can result in edit-warring and other unacceptable behaviors.

Strategy/Guide information

For content that intends to inform the player on how to use features of the game instead of just explaining what they are, make a separate page for that information in the Guide namespace and link to it from the main page.

Trivia Sections

While we do not outright ban "Trivia" sections, as we recognize that in a wiki like this there may be miscellaneous information that the reader might find useful or interesting, we do ask that you try to avoid them if you can. Try placing this under appropriate headings instead, or consider if the information belongs on the page in the first place. Don't be afraid to use them if you believe the information is useful or interesting to the reader and it doesn't fit anywhere else, though.


This wiki is not intended to be held to the same standard as Wikipedia, but the inclusion of citations significantly improves an article and allows readers to research further if they desire.