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See: Developer Museum.


  • Hakita - Creator of ULTRAKILL


  • Francis Xie - Concept and Texture Artist
  • Jericho_Rus - Illustrator, Concept and Texture Artist
  • BigRockBMP - Concept Artist
  • Maxmillian Ovesson - UI Artist
  • Victoria Holland - Lead 3D Artist
  • Toni Stigell - 3D Artist
  • FlyingDog - 3D Artist
  • Samuel James Bryan - 3D Artist


  • Quality Assurance Team:
    • Cameron Martin - Quality Assurance Lead
    • Tucker Wilkin - Senior Quality Assurance
    • Dalia Figueroa - Quality Assurance, Promo Footage and Screenshots
    • Scott Gurney - Technical Quality Assurance
  • PITR - Lead Programmer
  • Heckteck - Additional Programmer
  • Emanuil "CabalCrow" Chizhov - Additional Programmer
  • Lucas Varney - Additional Programmer
  • Ben Moir - Additional Programmer

Voice Actors:

  • Stephan Weyte - Minos Prime
  • Leneval Brown - Sisyphus Prime
  • Gianni Matragrano - Gabriel
  • Mandalore Herrington & Joy Young - Mysterious Druid Knight & Owl

Additional Credits:

  • Meganeko - Guest Composer
  • KEYGEN CHURCH - Guest Composer
  • HEALTH - Guest Band:
    • Benjamin Miller - Drums
    • Jacob Duzsik - Vocals, Guitar
    • John Famiglietti - Bass, Software
  • Quetzal Tirado - Guest Musician
  • Salad - Artist of Jakito
  • Jacob H.H.R - Writer (Prose & Dialogue)
  • Vvizard - Museum Creator

Extra additional credits to:

  • NO LOAFING, Dood, Splendid Ledraps, Jandy, Stuon, Dryzalar, Wakan, Slimer, William, Bobot, Spruce, Jacob - Cybergrind Community Patterns
  • David Szymanski, Leon Zawada and Simon Rance - Additional Assets
  • Magnega - Feedback leading to the creation of Ultrakill
  • Mikko Tamper and Robert Raulus - Beta Testing and Feedback
  • B.G.B and Splendid - Beta Testing and Feedback

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Non-Numbered Videos

Unlisted/Twitter Videos

Streams, Podcasts, and Interviews


An official changelog from Early Access patch 5a onward is maintained here.

Patch 15d Changelog 2024/5/13

MID: 6666720363269022893
  • Fixed Malicious Faces not taking initial impact damage from explosions when made vulnerable with gasoline
  • Fixed Streetcleaner flamethrower flames not causing see-through enemy outlines effect
  • Fixed Cerberus gibs not being deleted when intended
  • Fixed gasoline particles causing inconsistent fill when hitting multiple enemy hitboxes on the same frame
  • Fixed the HUD Background Opacity option not working on the Speedometer when using Classic HUD
  • Speedometer now has options for horizontal only and vertical only
  • Fixed 0-3 and 4-2 mid-level shops still playing/muting music
  • Fixed Mannequins continuing to be parryable after landing from a launch on Brutal difficulty
  • Fixed the Mover Arm breaking after letting go of a chess piece
  • Fixed 7-S pond not getting stained
  • Fixed Speedometer not taking into account objects the player is riding
  • Fixed SRS Cannon firing absurd amounts of simultaneous cannonballs when using a Dual Wield powerup
  • Fixed Sawed-On Shotgun playing the chainsaw spark particle effect during the core heat release animation
  • Made Rocket Launcher hologram display slightly dimmer
  • Made HUD weapon icon glow slightly dimmer
  • Fixed slide particles being blue when the player has dodge frames stored but is not currently invincible

Patch 15c Changelog 2024/5/12

MID: 5084879598159402456


  • Added binds for swapping to each variation slot
  • Added "On swap to already drawn weapon" option for changing functionality when pressing a weapon key multiple times
  • Added Speedometer in HUD options
  • Added new higher resolution fire sprite

Weapon Changes

  • Hitting a tram with the JumpStart now causes it to accelerate instantly and move at double speed for 5 seconds
  • Fixed JumpStart conduction proccing even if the zapped enemy doesn't have nails or magnets attached and isn't touching water
  • Fixed JumpStart conduction through magnets and coins causing an unintended minimum damage override
  • Underwater gasoline explosions are now sparser
  • Underwater gasoline explosions can now only hit an enemy once per continuous explosion string
  • Gasoline projectiles now ignore dead enemies
  • Gasoline no longer burns away when No Weapon Cooldowns cheat is on
  • Alternate Shotgun's launch direction can now be changed during hitstop
  • Alternate Shotgun can now always hit a core, even if already hitting an enemy or object at the same time
  • Hitting an Idol with a red hit from the Alternate Shotgun no longer triggers the cooldown
  • Alternate Shotgun speedometer now also displays time left in the red hit cooldown
  • Added colored lights to the Alternate Shotgun to make it easier to see which variation is being used
  • Changed the Core Eject trajectory and velocity inheritance to be similar to the Marksman coin's
  • Increased style points gained with the Alternate Shotgun
  • SRS Cannon now vibrates while charging the cannonball
  • SRS Cannon secondary fire is no longer affected by the primary fire's cooldown
  • Magnets can now again be broken with a ground slam
  • Screwdriver screws now only get destroyed when a dying Mindflayer explodes, rather than a second after the Mindflayer's health reaches zero
  • The visual motor spin speed on the Alternate Shotgun is no longer FPS-dependent
  • Improved optimization on enemy gasoline fill effect

Enemy Changes

  • Malicious Faces and Soldiers lose their anti-explosion resistances when gasolined
  • Radiant Soldiers no longer have their radiance speed boost applied twice
  • Reduced Radiant Soldier speed boost from 2x to 1.5x
  • Reduced damage of Ferryman lightning bolt from 50 to 35
  • Ferryman lightning bolts now flash before striking
  • Chargebacked lightning bolts can no longer deal damage to the player
  • Ferryman, Gutterman and Guttertank can no longer hit the player through a wall with a melee attack
  • Added hurt sounds for Virtues and Malicious Faces
  • Drones, Virtues and Malicious Faces no longer bleed when damaged by fire
  • Flesh Spawn no longer get set on fire when Flesh Prison/Panopticon does
  • Flesh Prison/Panopticon now has the same resistance to sawblades as nails
  • Cerberi no longer fall on Brutal difficulty while tackling or between two tackles
  • Insurrectionists can now be killed by fire when gasolined
  • Swordsmachines "Agony" and "Tundra" now properly take extra damage from JumpStart electricity and Firestarter fire respectively
  • Stalkers now take double damage from ground slams
  • Stalkers can now be puppeted

General Changes

  • Slide speed particles are now blue when the player has stored invincibility frames
  • 6-1 doors now open faster when the player is moving fast
  • Unlocking the Drone Haunting cheat now displays a message to notify it has been unlocked
  • Added a unique weapon icon for the other 7-S tool
  • Hide UI cheat now also hides the dual wield powerup vignette, boss health bars, subtitles and the 7-S overlay
  • Shop music now gets muted if music volume is set to 0
  • Malicious Face Sandbox prop is no longer only breakable with hitscan attacks
  • Made FUPs more consistent in non-cardinal directions (If you don't know what this means, don't worry about it)
  • Nerfed FUP speed to 60u/s (again, don't worry about it)
  • Changed name of Last Weapon to Last Used Weapon to clear misunderstandings with Previous Weapon
  • Blocked off the windows in the final hallway of 5-3


  • Disabling blood and gore no longer causes some attacks to heal the player an incorrect amount
  • Fixed gibs not getting cleared out correctly by gorezones and Cyber Grind wave ends
  • Fixed bloodsplatters replaying and gibs getting re-flung when the room they're in is disabled and re-enabled
  • Fixed Filth, Strays and Schisms sometimes getting stuck in slowmo
  • Fixed missing colliders in 7-4
  • Fixed the 0-2 and 0-3 second arena Swordsmachines not dropping the Shotgun
  • 3-1 checkpoint and 6-1 blood tube bloodsplatters now heal the player correctly
  • Fixed fire and Virtue beams no longer showing the outlines of enemies behind them
  • Fixed a chapter showing as golded or P-ranked on the wrong difficulty after first selecting a difficulty with it golded or P-ranked
  • Fixed temporary FOV changes getting stuck while sliding sideways
  • Fixed Shotgun and Alternate Shotgun breaking when parrying or shield breaking without having either punching arm equipped
  • 1-3 boss terminal no longer mutes the level music
  • Fixed gasoline exploding instead of burning in the 5-1 dry tunnels
  • Fixed gasoline stains stretching when placed on some 5-2 geometry
  • Fixed Gasoline stains showing on top of fire (though they may again appear buggy when placed on glass)
  • Fixed Stalkers becoming intangible when forcepuppet is turned on
  • Fixed Brutal Swordsmachine's unarmed attacks not having the SFX Volume setting applied
  • Fixed Screwdriver screws detaching and falling off if attached to a Mindflayer during its death animation
  • Magnets no longer become warped when getting stuck on a door that is both non-uniformly scaled and non-orthogonally rotated
  • Fixed Alternate Shotgun not giving the appropriate style bonuses on killing low health Malicious Faces or with parries
  • Fixed Alternate Shotgun not being able to transition to the cooldown idle from a chainsaw launch
  • Fixed rockets not ignoring some body parts of dead Mannequins
  • Fixed the restart/quit mission pop-up appearing behind the pause menu in the Early Access End screen
  • Fixed 7-4 front balcony Sentry being able to survive being punched off if landing on the entrance building
  • Fixed Cerberus not being able to walk to the player when they hide in a corner in the 0-5 boss arena
  • Fixed inconsistent enrage behavior with Cerberus when enraged with the Alter Arm
  • Spawner Arm spawned Earthmover Defense System parts now correctly stop attacking while being moved or altered
  • Fixed Mindflayer beams inheriting the previous damage type an enemy took when hitting that enemy
  • Fixed an untagged platform in 4-3
  • Fixed ghost Drones not working correctly with Clash mode
  • Guttermen can no longer open the door of the 7-2 building that houses the Alternate Shotgun
  • Fixed inappropriate objects being outlined during 7-2 intro
  • Fixed Knuckleblaster shells having enemy outlines
  • Fixed the current wall jump amount not resetting when landing on a gasoline stain
  • Fixed mis-tiled textures on the sides of stairs in one of the 7-1 arenas
  • Fixed the weapon wheel not updating whether to use alternate or normal weapon icons mid-mission
  • Fixed "This enemy cannot be puppeted" pop-up sometimes going offscreen
  • Fixed a bug that caused Size 2 fish to be catchable


  • Weapon icon on the HUD and rocket launcher indicator is affected by ambient lighting
  • Added a style bonus for reflecting Ferryman's lightning with a coin
  • Camera can be rotated during a hitstop

Patch 15b Changelog 2024/4/18

MID: 3459349900810795973

Alternate Shotgun

  • Increased Alternate Shotgun cooldown on red hit from 5 seconds to 7 seconds
  • Decreased Alternate Shotgun red hit damage from 12 to 10
  • Added unique style bonuses for Alternate Shotgun
  • Fixed the Alternate Shotgun not losing freshness when used on core ejects or rockets
  • Alternate Shotgun no longer activates red hit cooldown when hitting a dead enemy
  • Alternate Shotgun now applies environmental hit pushback when hitting a dead enemy
  • Alternate Shotgun core eject vertical momentum is now no longer relative to the camera when looking downwards
  • Alternate Shotgun core eject cooldown now no longer resets on weapon change
  • Fixed an offset bug caused by picking up a dual wield while charging the primary fire of the alternate shotgun
  • Added short descriptions of each Alternate weapon when they get picked up

Sawed-On Shotgun

  • Chainsaws no longer get stuck inside the player when punched with the Feedbacker before immediately swapping arms
  • Fixed the Sawed-On chainsaw sometimes continuing to damage enemies that are no longer in range
  • Fixed the Sawed-On chainsaw sometimes removing limbs off the wrong enemies
  • Chainsaw can now properly hit the same enemy again after being punched
  • V2 can longer be damaged with the chainsaw during its intro animation
  • Alternate Sawed-On Shotgun no longer instantly launches chainsaw if the player swaps back after swapping to another weapon while charging it
  • Made launched chainsaws a bit quieter
  • Added sparks when launched chainsaws hit enemies
  • A launched chainsaw's sprite becomes smaller while touching the player so it doesn't block their vision

JumpStart Nailgun

  • Conduction now damages the magnets it conducts through to stop infinite conduction chains
  • Fixed the JumpStart nailgun not losing its higher firerate after a zapper is destroyed if the player continues to fire without pause

Firestarter Rocket Launcher

  • Spraying gasoline on moving objects such as doors no longer causes physics anomalies
  • Fixed gasoline fire sustaining forever after a checkpoint restart
  • Firestarter gasoline now explodes instead of burning when underwater
  • Fixed gasoline stains under gasolined burning enemies lasting much longer than intended
  • Fixed gasoline stains not being easily visible on glass
  • Burning objects now also set gasoline stains on fire on contact
  • Fixed gasoline fill visuals not working properly on some enemies
  • Increased damage of fire on gasolined enemies from 0.2 to 0.5 per tick
  • Napalm firerate is no longer framerate dependant


  • Added "Hard Mode" in the Advanced Options
  • Added 7-S music to the Cyber Grind jukebox
  • 7-S no longer resets objective progress on checkpoint restart
  • Fixed a bug where the whiplash could grab skulls through blocking doors if really far away
  • Respawning at the 7-S courtyard checkpoint will now reset the red skull if the player is holding it to avoid softlocks
  • Added unique cubemaps to every 7-S room's completion reflection
  • Improved accuracy of 7-S bloodstains
  • Fixed the alternate skybox sometimes appearing black
  • Fixed inconsistencies with gib amount in 7-S based on gore settings
  • Ghost Drones now have an animation when being pulled
  • Increased range of Ghost Drone chirps to make them easier to find
  • Removed unintended colliders from 7-S clock
  • Blue skull case in 7-S now opens if Disable Enemy Spawns cheat is on


  • Hideous Mass harpoon health reduced to 3 on Brutal and 2 on other difficulties
  • Slightly reduced attack frequency of Virtues on Brutal difficulty
  • Added Brutal difficulty to the Boss Difficulty Override Major Assist
  • Fixed Gabriel's Brutal difficulty spiral swords attack staying after checkpoint reset
  • Ferrymen now have a global cooldown on lightning bolt summons to avoid them being stacked
  • Brutal Ferryman close range lightning bolt windup increased from 2 seconds to 5 seconds
  • Ferryman oars now start glowing blue when they're charging a lightning bolt
  • Ferryman lightning bolts can now be cancelled by attaching a JumpStart zapper to or parrying the Ferryman
  • Added a short delay and a blue flash before a Cerberus performs a second tackle


  • Fixed player not being able to heal while dashing
  • Fixed bloodsplatter healing range being too small
  • Improved performance of bloodsplatters and bloodstains
  • Fixed performance drops caused by bloodsplatters not getting properly deleted if Blood and Gore is disabled
  • Fixed HurtZones such as acid continuing to hurt dead enemies when not intended
  • Level Stats overlay is now rebindable
  • Player can no longer be damaged or killed while exiting a level
  • Weapon wheel and leaderboards change are now also on the Previous Variation bind (more specific options to come later)
  • Audio no longer stays muffled when restarting or quitting mission while underwater
  • Fixed audio pops caused by pausing and unpausing
  • Fixed auto-aim not working with some of the new weapons
  • Checkpoints now display their text correctly from both sides
  • Delayed the health and weapon charge reset from clearing a wave in the Cyber Grind slightly to avoid overlap with killing the last enemy
  • Fixed Cyber Grind end screen text blurriness and Brutal difficulty title
  • Fixed Enemy Silhouettes option not saving
  • Fixed Enemy Silhouettes Activation Distance option not displaying in the main menu
  • Fixed Swordsmachine's shotgun pickup sometimes getting blasted out of bounds by explosions
  • Fixed magnets getting destroyed after 30 seconds even if No Weapon Cooldowns cheat is enabled
  • Altered Cerberus hitboxes for less janky collision on the chest
  • Fixed the Alter Arm menu still staying on when a Cerberus or Malicious Face dies from being both Puppeted and Sandified
  • Fixed the insurrectionist not freezing properly with the Alter Arm
  • Fixed jump pad physics status not saving in Sandbox saves
  • Added Alter Arm option for enraging Guttermen
  • Fixed the enrage texture for the casketless Gutterman in 7-2
  • Fixed Filth getting stuck in midair after performing a jump attack while dropping down a ledge
  • Minotaur no longer stays stuck in its back swipe animation when dying during it
  • Minotaur chase now has an additional collider on its arm to push off players on its back
  • Swordsmachines Agony and Tundra are no longer missing their right arms
  • Player can no longer get Cannonball related style bonuses from dead enemies
  • Fixed P-2 Cerberi not dying when touching the red tunnel vortex
  • Shockwaves no longer break breakables that are only supposed to break with the Revolver
  • Fixed forcebossbars carrying over on level change even if cheats are no longer enabled and being undisableable
  • Fixed some enemies having the wrong names in their health bars
  • Fixed controller look being framerate dependant
  • Fixed an act appearing gold even when not actually gold on that difficulty after first going to chapter select on a difficulty that does have it gold
  • Fixed an untagged wall in 1-4 first room
  • Fixed a hole in 6-2 geometry
  • Restored FUPs (if you don't know what this means don't worry about it)
  • Fixed a bug that caused Size 2 fish to be uncatchable

FULL ARSENAL 2024/4/15

MID: 7046117606944229568


  • Added 7-S
  • Added Alternate Weapon in 7-2 secret
  • Added "Firestarter" red Rocket Launcher variation
  • Added "JumpStart" red Nailgun variation
  • Added "Sawed-on" red Shotgun variation
  • Added Brutal difficulty
  • Conductor aftershocks now spread damage to nearby enemies and other conducting objects
  • Underwater electric attacks now cause conduction in all underwater enemies (and the player)
  • Added Sound Effects Volume option
  • Added Muffle Music While Underwater option
  • Added "Puppeted" alter arm option for enemies
  • Added console commands "forcepuppet", "forcesand" and "forcebossbar"
  • Earthmover Rocket Launcher, Mortar and Tower are now spawnable with the Spawner Arm
  • Added "Previous Variation" bind, Q by default (Last Used Weapon is now unbound by default)

General Changes

  • Bloodsplatter collision system has been rewritten to greatly improve the accuracy of environmental collisions
  • Updated and reorganized the options menu
  • Replaced "Checkpoint" pause menu button in intermissions with a "Skip" button
  • Hitting a coin in a split state with an Alternate Revolver will now reset the draw state of all equipped Alternate Revolvers, as well as play a shorter recovery animation
  • Coins now increase the damage of the explosions of explosive hitscans
  • Player healing block from getting hit by an explosion now only applies to bloodsplatters caused by explosions
  • Shockwaves now fade out instead of disappearing instantly
  • Increased style points for explosions that don't kill
  • Added new style bonuses for the S.R.S. Cannon
  • Screwdriver railcannon now has style bonuses
  • Reduced style points gained from a successful projectile boost from 150 to 90
  • Auto-aim will now also target hookpoints
  • Nailgun magnets can now be fired immediately after changing to the weapon and will no longer interrupt standard firing
  • Added a sound effect to firing a Nailgun magnet
  • The hologram display of the Rocket Launcher will move to a more visible position when using the middle weapon position option
  • Player rockets are no longer attracted to magnets that are connected to an enemy if the enemy is dead
  • Trams will now instantly kill any enemies they hit
  • Added arrows to UI scrollbars to make it clearer they can be scrolled
  • Level stats HUD element and cheats overlay positions mirror when Weapon Position is set to Left in order to reduce overlay with other HUD elements
  • Capped SSJ speed to 100u/s
  • Ground slam no longer causes projectile interruptions
  • Added a "Cyber Grind Only" option to the Mission Restart/Quit Warning setting
  • No Weapon Cooldowns cheat now also stops magnet timers

Enemy Changes

  • Minotaur now has an attack for hitting a target that's on its back
  • Reduced Cerberus orb damage from 35 to 20
  • Idols now give style points when destroyed
  • Enemy projectiles will now get destroyed between Cyber Grind waves
  • Increased Knuckleblaster damage to Drones so a single punch can still kill a radiant Drone
  • Added a secondary bar to the Earthmover brain that shows the time until the next Idols spawn
  • Earthmover Brain now takes increased damage from parried projectiles
  • Added vertical line to Ferryman lightning windup to more clearly show where the lightning can be chargebacked
  • Dying Hideous Masses can now be whiplashed to
  • Punching a dying Mindflayer into a Gutterman now breaks its shield
  • Mannequins in the Cyber Grind now spawn on melee tiles instead of projectile tiles
  • Improved textures for Insurrectionists Angry and Rude
  • Enemy hitscans no longer cause hitstop when hitting an enemy rocket unless the player is riding on it
  • Reduced Guttertank Cyber Grind spawn cost and spawn cost increase from 55 to 40
  • Ferryman parries can now also cause the Conductor bonus

Level Changes

  • Added a new checkpoint near the start of 7-4 to reduce restart time
  • Added a new checkpoint after the fall of the clocktower in 7-2
  • Added terminals near Alternate weapon pick up spots for easier arsenal control
  • Added an error message to the 7-2 payload panel when trying to lower payload without tram
  • Tweaked 2-1 dash jump tutorial text for clarity
  • Hard Damage related tutorials no longer show up on difficulties that have no hard damage
  • Red Soul Orb tutorial message no longer shows up on Harmless difficulty where maximum health is already 200
  • Using the Disable Enemy Spawns cheat now also disables background enemies from 2-1, 2-2, 2-3 and 4-1
  • 5-2 cabin door will no longer open exclusively outwards


  • Fixed magneted nails getting pushed by explosions again
  • Fixed the exit/restart warning messages in appearing behind the pause menu the Intermissions, making them unclickable
  • Slightly lowered the trigger for the Tutorial end pit so players can no longer accidentally slip out of it
  • Fixed 6-2 Gabe only using one combo attack before the first taunt on Harmless and Lenient
  • Fixed Sharpshooter not being able to destroy homing mortars
  • Fixed the breaking of the first 5-2 Idol before the Filth has spawned causing the Filth to stay blessed
  • Fixed game freezing when throwing a soap at an idoled Drone
  • Fixed some cheats-only console commands not requiring cheats to be turned on
  • Fixed Cyber Grind song names popping up even if the song is looping
  • Fixed being able to punch while paused
  • Level names now appear at a speed independent from framerate
  • Fixed a small gap in the geometry next to the entrance door in 7-4
  • Fixed a small gap in the floor of the 7-4 secret path that could cause players to fall through
  • Fixed blurriness in the text in the main menu
  • Fixed the 5-S leaderboard's title being blurry
  • Fixed the 5-S leaderboard sometimes overflowing
  • Removed an invisible collider in the Credits Museum
  • Fixed the 7-4 sand warping too much with texture warping
  • Improved camera angle check for posing mannequins
  • Swordsmachine AI no longer breaks after throwing a sword at a flying enemy
  • Modified hookpoint values now get properly saved in sandbox saves
  • Fixed the player unstucker trigger under the 7-2 bomb being visible
  • Fixed 2-2's first checkpoint not disabling the black cube blocking off the previous area if the player has gone far enough to activate it
  • Fixed a small gap in the ceiling of 2-2's generator room
  • Fixed an untagged wall in 1-2
  • Fixed the 1-2 blue skull room door not closing if the player checkpoints after picking up the skull
  • Fixed Swordsmachines getting launched up unpredictably when attacking up a ramp
  • Fixed the Swordsmachine spiral sword throw having an incorrect speed at lower difficulties
  • Fixed the style meter text sometimes appearing behind weapons
  • Fixed the Hideous Mass, Flesh Prison and Flesh Panopticon death animations not healing the player if blood is turned off
  • Fixed 0-4 challenge counting total slide time and not uninterrupted slide time
  • Fixed 4-1 final arena sometimes having a delay before ending
  • Fixed issues with loading Violence layer music in the Cyber Grind
  • Streetcleaner canister no longer gets teleported to world origin if its spawn room reaches the maximum gib count after a canister instakill
  • Fixed Filth limbs sometimes getting teleported to world origin
  • Fixed a bug that caused Size 2 fish to be uncatchable


  • Mannequins are now consistently affected by Ground Slams
  • Empty item pedestals can be edited and moved using Spawner Arms
  • Added Shotgun idle animation
  • Wall projection in Limbo become more distorted when being next to them
  • Filth's default lunge attack can be used to bait them over the edge
  • Swordsmachine does not drop the shotgun in 0-2
  • Hint received after 7-1 secret encounter changed to be more obvious
  • Boot-up sequence can be skipped by pressing ESC, assuming it is not a new save file

Patch 14d Changelog 2024/1/18

MID: 3469779734723462375
  • Fixed Chess bot sometimes not working
  • Fixed players being unable to throw books away with the individual punch buttons
  • Fixed Corpse of King Minos' barb wire not rendering correctly
  • Fixed Hideous Mass' spawn effect not appearing
  • Fixed Hideous Mass' lighting in 1-3 not working correctly
  • Mannequins can no longer throw themselves into pits when trying to melee
  • Fixed bindings options menu sometimes disappearing
  • Fixed multi-track songs in the Cyber Grind not working properly
  • Console text box now refocuses after autocompleting
  • Fixed walljumps when diving from a core eject boost not working properly
  • Fixed Cerberus projectile sometimes dealing 20 damage instead of 35
  • Fixed the Overheat nailgun's sound being pitched too low if no heatsinks are available
  • Removed "[sic]" from Revolver info
  • Fixed player getting stuck when ground slamming on the spoiler blockers in the Credits museum
  • Fixed Chess victory SFX replaying when the chessboard is deactivated and reactivated after one side wins a game
  • Fixed a bug where the player would stay crouched if sliding and unsliding in the same frame
  • Fixed a bug that caused Size 2 fish to be uncatchable

Patch 14c Changelog 2024/1/17

MID: 5009478561560928099


  • Added chess functionality to the Credits museum
  • Added a optional seperate punch binds for each arm
  • Move arm, delete arm and modify arm can now be used in normal levels
  • Updated Hideous Mass model and texture
  • Reduced Mindflayer's radiance health buff from 2x to 1.5x
  • Made "Do Robots Dream of Eternal Sleep?" loop twice by default in the Cyber Grind
  • Increased secret orb requirement for the final weapon color template from 86 to 100
  • Increased recharge speed for nails
  • Decreased delay for "Conductor" aftershock
  • Sawblades no longer get the nailbomb damage bonus
  • Red errors in the console now default to being expanded since people would forget to do so when posting bug reports
  • Renamed controls menu weapon slots from numbers to weapons to make them easier to change
  • Screwdriver no longer breaks when attached to dead Guttermen
  • The timer in 7-1 now stops as soon as the boss' death animation starts
  • A dying Mindflayer's death countdown now resets when launched with a Knuckleblaster punch
  • Dying Mindflayers and dead Guttermen are now whiplashable
  • Player can now heal off of dying Mindflayers
  • Added icons for some cheats that didn't have them yet
  • Lowered priority for punching saws
  • Raised priority for punching coins
  • Added credits for the public domain songs "Take a Look at Molly" and "Gymnopedie No.1" in the Additional Music Credits book
  • Lowered 7-4 security system beam speed on Harmless and Lenient difficulties
  • Increased rocket speed reduction when ridden by player from 75% to 65%
  • Slightly lowered style requirements for 7-1, 7-2 and 7-4
  • Reimplemented "Super Slide Jump" tech
  • Added a console command for forced stacktrace extraction for modders


  • Fixed bugs relating to Whiplash binds
  • Fixed weapon wheel not working properly on controller
  • Fixed the doors in 5-3's second half opening the wrong way
  • Fixed the Hideous Mass armor not working correctly
  • Fixed the Cyber Grind leaderboard sometimes lagging when using custom music
  • Fixed "enemies ignore player" cheat not working on Leviathan
  • Fixed Fullbright cheat not working well with levels with heavy fog such as 7-3
  • Fixed the level end leaderboard only showing up to 4 people
  • Player no longer moves with large objects as if standing on them while noclipping
  • Swordsmachine no longer attacks other enemies while blinded
  • Swordsmachine now properly targets Stalkers if any are around
  • Fixed Stalkers not targeting the player when no other targets are available
  • Fixed 4-2 circular checkpoints not re-enabling as intended
  • Fixed the Cyber Grind special enemies being unable to spawn on their earliest set spawn wave
  • Fixed a bug with the Cyber Grind uncommon enemy calculations sometimes causing double the intended amount of Virtues to spawn
  • Fixed Knuckleblaster shotgun shells no longer colliding with the ground
  • Fixed mismatched Violence layer "origName" values for modding purposes
  • Fixed the 1-1 challenge not working correctly if the player grabs a checkpoint before the time runs out
  • Fixed Guttertanks sometimes being parryable after death
  • Fixed the 7-1 boss not unlocking the enemy data strategy field when first fought
  • Fixed the 4-S tab stats menu counter
  • Fixed Ferryman's lightning no longer causing an explosion when chargebacked
  • Fixed the Advanced Strategy section for the Railcannon referring to the wait time as 15 seconds instead of 16
  • Fixed an accidental reversion of the Revolver's data section into an earlier, shorter version
  • Fixed odd physics behavior with blinded dying Virtues
  • Cannonballs will now snap to be directly in front of the player's position if punched at a target that's close, to avoid being launched at odd angles
  • Fixed a bug that caused the audio to distort and break if the player spawns many blinded Guttermen
  • Fixed the Electric Railcannon's variation description overlapping with the Already Owned button
  • Fixed an invisible collider at the spawn point in the Sandbox causing odd behavior with the Spawner arm
  • Fixed explosions being able to break unbreakable Clash mode boxes
  • Fixed Guttermen sometimes not properly unsandifying when dying
  • Fixed framerate-related inconsistencies with trams
  • Fixed the bloodsplatter caused by a Drone's death not healing the player
  • Dead enemies can no longer get hit by the same projectile multiple times, often causing the game to hitch or freeze
  • Fixed punching a screwdrivered enemy corpse causing the screw to reattach and detach rapidly
  • Round Trip no longer instakills Guttertanks if they are being protected by an Idol
  • Swordsmachine's thrown swords can no longer hit the same enemy multiple times
  • Added a teleport failsafe in case the player gets stuck under the bomb while it's lowering in 7-2
  • Fixed the game freezing for a moment while loading another song in the Cyber Grind
  • Fixed the particle effects and rubble caused by the 7-2 clocktower falling not spawning correctly
  • Fixed a bug where coins or magnets hitting a freezecharged rocket would cause an unintentionally large explosion
  • Fixed tutorial prompts sometimes not displaying the relevant button bind
  • Fixed Strays, Schisms and Soldiers incorrectly using the Filth's movement speed values
  • The same button can no longer be bound to the same action multiple times
  • Cancelling the weapon wheel with a projectile boost no longer causes level timer speed issues
  • Fixed a bug that caused Husks to not count as kills if not targeting the player
  • Fixed a bug that caused Size 2 fish to be uncatchable

Patch 14b Changelog 2023/12/24

MID: 2936186713447891797
  • Guttertanks will now stagger and become parriable when not hitting anything with a punch
  • Freezecharged rockets no longer cause red explosions when shot with a revolver
  • Improved performance in 7-1
  • Improved performance in 7-3
  • Improved performance in 7-4
  • Fixed bug that would cause 7-4 final encounter to begin without the player being inside
  • Fixed hole in the side of the 7-4 boss
  • Fixed collision bugs in 7-4
  • Console commands now also get autocompleted by pressing enter instead of just tab
  • Fixed level stats overlay not working in P-1 and P-2
  • Added level stats overlay support for the Cyber Grind
  • Fixed the radiant spawn rate in the Cyber Grind not working correctly
  • Fixed a ceiling in the bomb station in 7-2 not having collision
  • Made the panel to open the way after the 7-2 ambush clearer
  • Fixed a rare bug that caused the 7-2 blood river's hitbox still be active while the player is inside the final arena, causing them to sometimes get warped outside
  • Fixed the intro interior lights turning off when restarting from the first 7-2 checkpoint
  • Fixed the door not unlocking when restarting from the first 7-2 checkpoint if the player has gone outside
  • Fixed the Whiplash course pits causing an empty style bonus to appear in the HUD if a dead enemy falls into them
  • Fixed Gabriel's spawner arm preview's swords being offset from his body
  • Timers for yellow hookpoints now reset on checkpoint restart
  • The invisible walls of 7-3's intro get disabled if teleporting to a checkpoint
  • The third secret of 7-2 and second secret of 7-3 no longer get automatically unlocked on beating the level
  • Mindflayer beam caused by Knucklebaster launch can no longer hurt the player
  • Guttermen now spawn more frequently in the Cyber Grind
  • Renamed "Parry Flash" option to "Parry Screen Flash" to make its function clearer
  • Added a parry flash to landmines when they're activated
  • Fixed Whiplash not working properly on controller
  • Fixed Stalkers moving around while blinded
  • Fixed enemies not being properly blinded while under the effect of a Crystal of Madness
  • Fixed Ferryman's lightning tracking the player even when targeting enemies
  • Fixed enemy blood sometimes not healing the correct amount
  • Fixed offset santa hats for V1, 4-4 V2 intro and skulls
  • Added a landmark for the 7-2 secret path to make it easier to find
  • Reverted changes made to door blocking code to fix 1-4's plank and niche 7-2 softlocks
  • Added more terminals in 7-4
  • Increased size of Soldier spawn trigger in 7-4
  • Fixed a bug where the Streetcleaners in 7-4 would no longer spawn if the player had activated a checkpoint
  • Moved 7-4 distant decoration slightly closer
  • Changed the undashable beams in 7-4 from turqoise to magenta to differentiate them
  • Slightly reduced rotating speed of beams in 7-4 final encounter second half
  • Slightly reduced rotating speed of beams in 7-4 final encounter on Violent difficulty
  • Fixed inconsistencies in recharge speed when not holding the weapon for Overheat, Alternate Overheat and Alternate Sharpshooter
  • Fixed Mannequin's charging projectile effect sometimes not disappearing on death
  • Fixed the 7-1 preboss terminal showing the wrong Tip of the Day
  • Fixed the secret red soul orb fights in 7-1 and 7-2 still activating even if Disable Enemy Spawns cheat is turned on
  • Updated 7-1's navmesh to allow the enemies from the secret red soul orb fight to properly land on platforms across the pit
  • Fixed the 7-1 post-tram infinite tunnel not working if the player restart from checkpoint
  • Whiplash pull will no longer get cancelled by a rocket in the way
  • Fixed a graphical bug in the Hakita credits book in the Credits museum
  • Fixed Mauricing enemies also causing a "+SPLATTERED" style bonus
  • Fixed Hideous Mass corpse stretching out wildly when getting Mauriced
  • Fixed Gabriel teleporting like crazy while fighting large enemies like Hideous Masses and Insurrectionists
  • Increased blood catching range for the final 7-3 tree
  • Fixed navmesh oversight that caused enemies to sometimes get stuck inside two of the walls in the final arena of 7-3
  • Added hurtboxes to 7-1 boss' belly and unprotected arm
  • Fixed Whiplash rocket return sometimes not dealing damage
  • Enemy rockets no longer get freezecharged unless they have been ridden on
  • Fixed a bug where Mannequins would sometimes clip into the ceiling and possibly out of bounds if dropping off a wall right next to a ceiling
  • Fixed a bug that caused the first phase of the 7-1 boss to always function as if on Harmless difficulty
  • Guttertanks no longer turn into Guttermen in Sandbox saves
  • 7-1 boss no longer turns into a Mannequin in Sandbox saves
  • Fixed a bug where Insurrectionists would sometimes get stuck on the side of the Cyber Grind arena
  • Fixed magnet inconsistencies between Flesh Prison and Flesh Panopticon
  • Fixed the 0-2 setpiece enemies that only the Swordsmachine can kill counting as kills
  • Guttertanks now only spawn on melee tiles in the Cyber Grind
  • Violence layer hall doors now open faster when the player is moving fast
  • Added seasonal hats to the sleeping Filth easter egg
  • Fixed the spawner arm preview for MDK having a seasonal hat
  • Fixed Malicious Faces leaving behind invisible unbreakable corpses when Mauriced
  • Fixed Malicious Railcannon being called Sharpshooter in the variation info pop-up
  • Fixed the 5-1 and 5-3 challenges not resetting correctly when respawning from checkpoint
  • Falling out of bounds in the final 7-1 room will now teleport the player back inside it
  • Gutterman will no longer stand back up if the player activates a checkpoint during their death animation
  • Fixed the crosshair stamina meter not working if the player isn't using the Standard HUD
  • Fixed Guttermen and Guttertank not becoming radiant in the Cyber Grind
  • Fixed a bug that caused Size 2 fish to be uncatchable

VIOLENT NIGHT 2023/12/20

MID: 2408706448988125034


  • Added Layer 7: VIOLENCE
  • Added custom music support to Cyber Grind
  • Added autocomplete for the console
  • Added a hurt sound when being hurt by acid
  • Multiple buttons can now be bound to a single action
  • Added God mode cheat to make the player invulnerable
  • Added option to disable white screen flash when parrying
  • Added "Advanced Options" menu in General options for level specific tweaks
  • Added "HEALTH - HATEFUL (Instrumental)" to the Cyber Grind jukebox


  • Added a toggleable warning when overwriting a Sandbox save
  • Added a quicksave button for the Sandbox
  • Added ability to make enemies fight eachother in the Sandbox
  • Altars can now be edited to remove items with the Alter arm
  • Added ability to sandify enemies with the Sandbox Alter arm
  • Added ability to enrage enemies with the Sandbox Alter arm
  • Added Crystal of Madness to the Spawner arm menu
  • Added invisible wall custom block to the Sandbox
  • Alter arm can now change the force of a slingshot hookpoint
  • Alter arm can now change the size of custom Sandbox objects after they've been created
  • Alter arm can now change a Dual Wield powerup's duration

General Changes

  • Punch and parry timing now have 3 frames of leniency (punching a few frames early will still count as a hit) [excluding projectile boosts]
  • Increased horizontal and vertical size of player's projectile parry zone
  • Explosive projectiles and the Hideous Mass spear now have the same mercy frames after hitting a player as normal projectiles
  • Some charge and enemy projectile sprites have been updated to match the greater visual fidelity of the game
  • Alternate Sharpshooter Revolver now spins up almost instantly, making it perfect for players who only use the Sharpshooter situationally
  • Rockets that have been frozen for a second or longer will always cause red explosions when hitting an enemy
  • Dying Mindflayers can now be punched with the Knuckleblaster to launch them
  • Punching a Screwdriver screw out of an enemy will now also deal its remaining damage to them
  • Reworked the text system to fix fonts appearing blurry
  • Songs in the Cyber Grind playlist now only load whenever used instead of all at once on level load, causing the game to freeze
  • Seasonal events only apply in levels the player has already played at least once
  • Level leaderboards are now hidden on first playthrough
  • Level leaderboards now includes a notification about the option to disable them
  • All level leaderboards in the level select can switch between Any or P-Rank with the last used weapon button
  • Added ability to scroll level leaderboards
  • Radiance speed modifier no longer affects projectile speed
  • Fixed Cyber Grind enemy point budget inconsistencies caused by start wave number
  • Changed the radiant enemy spawning formula in the Cyber Grind, making them less common and more consistent
  • Updated visuals for explosions
  • Pre-boss terminals no longer play music to not ruin the build-up
  • Changed the tab level stats overlay's secrets from a number to icons
  • State of "Don't touch X" challenges now resets on checkpoint reset if the player hadn't failed yet
  • Boss health bars now have secondary meters for bosses who are supposed to have them
  • An enemy spawning inside a rocket now consistently causes red explosions
  • Punch exhaustion now gets reset on respawn
  • Converted .mp4 video files into .webm
  • Removed the scrollbar from the Prelude level select
  • Player can now initiate a rocket ride with a whiplashed rocket even while moving upwards
  • Reduced the delay for a Swordsmachine's sword returning after a throw that doesn't hit anything
  • Player can now only be launched by one damageless explosion at a time
  • Diving (jump+slide at the same time) into a wall now allows the player to wall jump while keeping their momentum
  • Increased leniency for dive input
  • Replaced 2 Strays in 5-3 Rocket Launcher airborne shot tutorial with Schisms to better illustrate the damage difference
  • Streetcleaners now explode when Mauriced
  • Items held while in Clash mode are now visible in the player's hand
  • Swordsmachine radiance health bonus reduces from 2x to 1.5x


  • Explosions no longer kill enemies through walls
  • Fixed the name on boss health bars sometimes stretching horizontally when there are many active at once
  • Fixed the spawn cost of enemies in the Cyber Grind not increasing per instance of the same enemy
  • Fixed sandbox blocks becoming invisible if stretched too far
  • Fixed some rumble setting names being partially cut off
  • Can no longer jump off rockets while the game is paused
  • Fixed S.R.S. Cannon weapon freshness not working correctly
  • Fixed some objects not being saved in Sandbox saves
  • Fixed a weapon wheel bug caused by unequipping the Nailgun
  • Swordsmachine Agony and Swordsmachine Tundra now appear in the correct order
  • Fixed 5-S Maurice bait not being held correctly
  • Crosshair HUD will now be disabled correctly if HUD Fade is enabled before attempting to set thickness to none
  • Fixed strays in the first sunken arena of 5-3 being able to walk through some walls
  • Fixed a hole in the ceiling of the P-2 boss entrance
  • Fixed "Target Framerate" setting not applying on restart Fixed the framerate being unlocked during the intro videos
  • Virtues no longer count towards the total Virtue count for halting the enrage of other Virtues
  • Fixed the Shotgun overkill damage applying to radiant virtues without accounting for the radiance health buff
  • Fixed the Shotgun weapon icon not having the correct amount of ambient glow
  • Fixed the floor lights in the last room of 0-2 not having a navmesh
  • Fixed Whiplash pull not cancelling properly on some big enemies
  • Fixed Cerberus being unable to walk towards player if the player is too high up
  • Fixed Drones losing their sandification visual effect when shooting
  • Fixed Drone seasonal event texture bugs
  • Fixed Attractor Nailgun sometimes being called Magnet Nailgun in the terminal
  • Fixed flickering shockwave effects in 2-4 arm encounter
  • Added a failsafe if the Flesh Panopticon death animation freezes
  • Fixed shotgun breaking when point blank shooting Sisyphus Prime during his intro
  • Fixed Sisyphus Prime attack trails sometimes persisting after death
  • Fixed Sentry beams sometimes hitting the player even if chargebacked
  • Fixed the Rocket Launcher not counting towards amount of weapons equipped for freshness calculations
  • Drones no longer cause "+CANNONBALLED" style bonus when killing an enemy by crashing into them
  • Fixed a bug that caused Size 2 fish to be uncatchable


  • Sharpshooter's price increased to 25000P.

Patch 13b Changelog 2023/4/28

MID: 1691527602739860412
  • Radiant stalkers no longer cause sandified enemies to become radiant
  • Added names of people who made the community-made Cyber Grind patterns into the Additional Credits book
  • KITR will now follow the player even if in Clash mode
  • KITR will no longer mercilessly devour the player if in Clash mode
  • Standard Sharpshooter revolver can no longer break heavy breakables
  • Coins will now increase a Sharpshooter alt fire's amount of hits on a single target instead of damage
  • Sharpshooter alt fire's amount of hits on a single target per ricochet now caps at 3 (4 on Alternate revolver)
  • Fixed a bug that caused punching to no longer cancel a Whiplash pull after hitting an enemy with a hooked rocket
  • Fixed question mark weapon icon not working for the cut weapons
  • Fixed Alternate Sharpshooter revolver spinning animation being buggy if spun immediately after firing
  • Fixed MDK not dying correctly when jumped on in Clash mode
  • Sharpshooter alt fire no longer explodes Gabriel's spiral swords
  • Fixed a bug where a Cerberus would start moving at 5x speed if sanded in the period before enraging after another Cerberus dies
  • Swordsmachine is now affected by gravity during its animations
  • Fixed the glowing arrow on the side of the Alternate revolver not being visible
  • Spinning the Sharpshooter revolver while dual wielded and in the air adds upwards propulsion (more dual wields = more propulsion)
  • The level end stats and level leaderboards no longer round time differently
  • Disabling level leaderboards now also causes times to no longer be sent to the level leaderboards
  • Fixed Swordsmachine flying forward if knocked down on the exact frame of an attack where it starts moving forward
  • Fixed a bug that caused Size 2 fish to be uncatchable

Back to the Cyber Grind 2023/4/27

MID: 6658239261054002710

Cyber Grind

  • Added 20 community-made Cyber Grind arena patterns into official rotation
  • Added a new Cyber Grind original song: "HATEFUL" by HEALTH
  • Added a new Cyber Grind original song: "UltraChurch" by KEYGEN CHURCH
  • Added a "Music" option to the Cyber Grind terminal that allows the player select songs from other levels
  • Uncommon waves from Wave 25 onwards can now include 2 uncommon enemy types
  • Radiant enemies (speed and health only) can now start spawning in the Cyber Grind from wave 25 onwards
  • Idols, Sentries and Virtues in the Cyber Grind can now spawn on projectile enemy tiles


  • Added red revolver variation "SHARPSHOOTER"
  • Added friends-only leaderboards for time in every level (Any rank and P rank)
  • Added "Armor" material to the Sandbox spawner arm
  • Added a HUD option to disable the crosshair powerup meter
  • Added HEALTH and Quetzal Tirado in the credits museum
  • Added plushie models for Jacob H.H.R., Tucker Wilkin, Lenval Brown, Stephan Weyte and Cabalcrow
  • Added pickup and throw sounds for Joy Young plushie

General Changes

  • Switched to a different asset storage system for faster load times and less memory use
  • Added sound, icons and haptic feedback to the weapon wheel
  • When hitting an enemy while carrying a cannonball, if the cannonball can't hit the enemy, the whiplash retracts instead of attaching to the enemy
  • Punching an SRS cannonball now resets its anti-instabreak cooldown
  • SRS Cannonballs now deal 7 damage instead of 5 if punched after it has bounced off an enemy
  • Cannonball direct hits will now dislodge Sentries
  • Cannonball direct hits will now launch falling enemies further
  • All surfaces of the P-2 red tunnel now share their damage cooldown to stop players from taking a separate hit of damage from each
  • Dash storage now has a consistent 1 second timer regardless of at what point of the dash the slide begins
  • Updated the "ULTRAKILL: A Development History" poster in the Developer Museum movie theater
  • Rockets no longer despawn while No Weapon Cooldowns cheat is on
  • Added aim assist to hitscan attacks that ricochet off surfaces
  • Added a slight delay to hitscan attacks that ricochet off surfaces for added clarity
  • Reduced sensitivity of trigger for Ferryman's uppercut
  • Updated 0-2's tip of the day to be accurate to the game's current state
  • Sandbox move, alter and delete arms can now be cycled through with the change variation button
  • Sandbox alter arm can now change the settings for damaging surfaces and materials
  • Fixed seasonal event cosmetics not working properly on P-2 bosses and KITR


  • Swordsmachines should no longer get stuck on stairs
  • Fixed a bug where the music in the Developer Museum would sometimes stop after a song instead of playing the next one
  • Fixed a bug where the player would be displaced to the 0,0,0 if riding a rocket directly upwards with back touching a wall
  • Fixed Gabriel not changing texture when entering another phase
  • Fixed an outline bug in Sisyphus Prime's second phase
  • Fixed P-2 arches not being tagged, causing players to slip on them
  • Fixed the P-2 pre-boss room's ceiling not having collision
  • Fixed enemies in the P-2 red tunnel sometimes snapping back up onto ground after falling
  • Fixed P-2 red tunnel not spawning in if circling around back and forth through the shortcut
  • Fixed a bug where the last arena of P-2 would open early if the Stalker died while being protected by an idol
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the player to be able to be slammed down through the floor on the first frame of being launched
  • Fixed the player being able to go through some invisible walls while riding a rocket
  • Fixed enemies being able to walk through the doors in the Heresy layer
  • Fixed a floating tree in 5-S
  • Fixed the outdoors sections of P-2 not unrendering when using the shortcut, causing performance issues
  • Fixed a gap allowing players to skip the bridge encounter in P-2, causing a softlock
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Flesh Panopticon's outro to get stuck
  • Fixed a floating point inaccuracy that caused radiant Virtues and Drones to sometimes survive one more shot than they should
  • Fixed hurtzones still hurting ungibbable enemies after they've died
  • Fixed a bug that caused Mindflayers to become permanently unable to teleport if a Screwdriver is attached when the player activates a checkpoint
  • Fixed a bug that would cause radiant enemies to be able to die twice if killed on the frame they spawn
  • Gun order number in the terminal now goes up to 3 instead of 4
  • Fixed bug that caused size 2 fish to be uncatchable
  • Fixed opening console breaking the boot-up sequence
  • Fixed disconnecting a controller causing lots of errors
  • Fixed 6-1 boss health bars not being scaled correctly in some cases
  • Loading a sandbox save no longer causes dying to reset the sandbox
  • Fixed being able to break P-2 Idols when punching from a specific distance
  • Fixed the Whiplash getting stuck if the player presses the Whiplash button at the same time as exploding a rocket currently being pulled
  • Fixed a bug that caused Insurrectionists to be flung into the level's origin point if hit with an SRS cannonball while pulling themselves towards the player after a jump stab
  • Loading a Sandbox save will no longer cause the Sandbox to get reset if the player dies

Patch 12b Changelog 2023/3/21

MID: 6972537707845891639
  • Added a shortcut at the start of P-2 that opens if the player has encountered the boss at least once
  • P-2 boss no longer becomes unparryable in the second phase on Violent difficulty (second phase stamina increased to compensate)
  • Reduced non-boss Ferryman health from 40 to 30
  • Removed one Cerberus from the last P-2 arena
  • Chargebacks will now ignore blessed enemies while targeting
  • Restructured and repaced Flesh Panopticon's death for greater clarity
  • Increased volume for all Sisyphus Prime voicelines
  • Added a slight trail to Sisyphus Prime's teleports
  • Reduced chances of Sisyphus Prime hitting the player through the floor
  • Falling out of bounds during the P-2 boss fight will now reset the player or the boss back inside the arena
  • Changed the physics of Stalkers to reduce the possibility of phasing through surfaces when magneted
  • Added a failsafe to the last P-2 arena in case the Stalker dies prematurely
  • Fixed a bug that allowed punching at an angle to break the Idols in P-2
  • The red hallway in P-2 now deals a flat 30 damage and acts as a solid surface instead of dealing a non-lethal max 50 with a teleport back to ground
  • Fixed a bug that caused Flesh Panopticon's death animation to not play out if the player paused during it
  • Flesh Panopticon now opens its mouth properly while firing mortars
  • Flesh Panopticon's mortars now spawn from its mouth rather than in front of it
  • Fixed scrolling in P-2 terminals not working if the player has downscaling turned on
  • Enemies hidden by Streetcleaner flames will now display outlines
  • Alter arm can now make breakable sandbox objects unbreakable
  • Fixed the Radiance effect being offset from enemy models
  • Radiant Stalkers will now also make the enemies it sands radiant
  • Fixed a bug that caused the "buffs forceradiance" console command to disappear
  • Fixed "Remember Last Used Weapon" breaking the 6th weapon slot if the player's last used weapon in that slot was the second or third one
  • Fixed a rare bug that caused the game to not load, resulting in just a black screen
  • Fixed players being unable to change weapons while starting a level
  • Stored dash frames are now drained at 20% rate while sliding
  • S.R.S. Cannonballs can now be launched by pressing primary fire when charged
  • S.R.S. Cannonballs now have a 1 second window after bouncing off an enemy before they can hit another in order to stop cannonballs from breaking instantly after a bounce
  • If hit with an S.R.S. Cannonball right before landing from a jump, Insurrectionists will stay knocked down for longer
  • Developer museum Rocket Race now gives rideable rockets infinite fuel
  • Developer museum Rocket Race is now replayable
  • Fixed the Gianni attack easter egg and 5-S time of day not resetting when restarting from death or via the checkpoint main menu option
  • Reading the 5-S Testament will now mute the TV
  • The exit for 5-S is no longer spawned in until the exit door opens
  • Changed glow color of the P-1 skull on P-2 door from gold to red
  • Fixed a bug that caused Flesh Panopticon's music to not reset its pitch on checkpoint restart
  • Fixed Flesh Panopticon using the wrong name for Alter arm's health bar setting
  • Fixed P-2 ending not activating if the boss is killed in Clash mode
  • Fixed a bug that caused Mindflayers to not explode on death if the player activates a checkpoint during their death animation
  • Using the "simpler explosions" graphics option will now also stop the Cannonball break effect from triggering when exploded
  • Fixed fish sometimes swimming out of water
  • Fixed enemies sometimes spawning sideways with the spawner arm
  • Fixed Mysterious Druid Knight (& Owl)'s spawner arm preview clipping into the hand
  • Fixed 5-S HUD not scaling down at low resolutions
  • Changed positions of the Developer museum chess pieces to conform to standard chess rules
  • Fixed a developer museum Swordsmachine's sword having an outline
  • Force disabled outlines for players using CoreGL due to an unfixable outline bug
  • Fixed a bug that caused Size 2 fish to not be catchable

Wait of the World Update 2023/3/17

MID: 4605289358290284682


  • Added P-2
  • Added 5-S
  • Added the developer museum
  • Added rocket launcher variation "S.R.S. Cannon"
  • Added radiant enemies
  • Added modifier arm for the Sandbox
  • Added controller rumble
  • Added "outline thickness" option to Enemy Silhouettes
  • Added shine setting for custom weapon colors
  • Added console command "input mouse sensitivity" to allow setting mouse sensitivity with decimals

General Changes

  • Rewrote shaders for better performance
  • Rewrote bloodstain shaders for much better performance
  • Rewrote assetbundle system for faster level loads and removed the loading screen from the game's start
  • Enemies hidden behind Virtue beams will now be visible via outlines
  • Added a faint transparent light shaft to Virtue insignias as they winding up to better show the range of the beam
  • Falling Malicious Faces can now break Idols
  • Streetcleaners now explode when splattered (ie. death from fall damage)
  • Cyber Grind high score is now visible in the level select
  • Slightly moved a doorframe in 0-1 to stop it from getting in the way for speedrunners
  • Added a broken terminal to the 5-3 exit
  • Added warning for custom Cyber Grind patterns disabling high scores
  • The tutorial will now force the player to equip the Feedbacker if they have no arm that can punch equipped to avoid softlocks
  • In the exterior areas of 5-2 and 5-4, lightning can now periodically strike enemies that have nails, magnets or a screwdriver attached

Balance changes

  • Parrying an attack now restores player to full stamina
  • Parrying a Ferryman will now summon a lightning bolt to his position (does not damage the player)
  • Ferrymen can no longer be damaged by other enemies (excluding reflected attacks such as parried projectiles and chargebacks)
  • Enemies that predict enemy movements will now correctly attempt to predict player position when riding a rocket
  • Malicious Faces can now use their beams to try to snipe a rocket the player is riding on
  • Alternate Revolver's primary fire cooldown is now seperated per variation
  • Alternate Revolver's primary fire cooldown now resets when the gun is cocked instead of when it's ready to fire
  • Whiplash can now only carry a maximum of 5 rockets simultaneously
  • Whiplash can no longer carry ejected cores
  • Changed the phase change health threshold for a non-boss Hideous Mass from 10 to 20
  • Insurrectionists can no longer die from passive fire damage
  • Insurrectionists will now only pull themselves to their boulder after an air stab if the boulder has connected with a surface
  • Cybergrind laser grid no longer kills Mindflayers
  • Removed the ability for Idols to swap between targets that have the same priority rank on Violent difficulty and above
  • When attached to Flesh Prison, magnets will no longer pull towards the enemy's center instead of the magnet's
  • Tweaked the final arena of 4-3 to account for recent enemy balance changes
  • Reduced 4-3 S rank style requirements from 18000 to 17000


  • Fixed a memory leak caused by Sentries with outlines
  • Fixed Ferryman spawning at the wrong vertical coordinates in the Cyber Grind, sometimes causing them to die instantly
  • Controller navigation for the act 2 level select fixed
  • Fixed pausing and unpausing while using a shop breaking arms and/or whiplash
  • Fixed loading popup appearing behind P-1 level select
  • Fixed a bug where jumping, sliding and unsliding while still close to the ground would cause the jump height to be multiplied (dive and USJ are unaffected)
  • Fixed a bug where riding a rocket could clip through a thin wall if there's another thin wall right behind it
  • The coin hitbox size increase cause by V2 2nd shooting it no longer stacks when punched
  • Fixed broken door colliders in the pool room in 4-3
  • Fixed burning enemies causing extra kills when dying from fire after the player activates a checkpoint that stores their state

Patch 11c Changelog 2022/8/29

MID: 2325647322852928543
  • Added "Fireworks" bonus for Machines
  • Fixed the rocket launcher not shooting at the center of the screen when in Middle weapon position
  • Fixed Freezeframe automatically unfreezing even before the player has fired any
  • Fixed +Parry style bonus not working on projectiles
  • Made Ferryman's spawn sound more audible from a distance
  • Fixed Ferrymen sometimes instantly dying when spawned in the Cyber Grind
  • Added periods after each entry in the strategy section for the Idol
  • Game launch loading screen now takes into account the Master Volume

Patch 11b Changelog 2022/8/29

MID: 9178869401662338965

General Changes

  • Most assets are now loaded in before the main menu instead of when the player picks a chapter in the Chapter Select menu
  • Hard Damage bar now flashes yellow whenever the player takes Hard Damage
  • Added 2 new major assists: Disable Whiplash Hard Damage and Disable Weapon Freshness
  • Added a tutorial message in 5-3 explaining how to use the Rocket Launcher against Soldiers
  • Spawner arm slot changed from 5 to 6
  • Added a weapon icon for the Spawner Arm
  • Added an "Under Construction" text to the Very Hard difficulties
  • Cyber Grind score font size should now scale down to show more digits if required
  • Disabled the "Checkpoint" option in the pause menu for the Cyber Grind to reduce accidental restarts
  • A coin's max distance to attempt hitting a core eject or rocket is now based on the core's distance to the player rather than the coin to make "orbital nukes" possible again

Whiplash, Style and Hard Damage changes

  • Player will no longer descend 2 style ranks when getting hit at S or above
  • Whiplash will now only cause Hard Damage if the current Hard Damage is below 50
  • Whiplash no longer builds up Hard Damage while the player is underwater
  • Hard damage cooldown from Whiplashing is now relative to the previous amount of hard damage rather than always resetting to the maximum total amount
  • Reverted player momentum loss when cancelling a pull on a heavy enemy
  • Red damage overlay no longer shows up while Whiplashing on ULTRAKILL rank
  • Whiplash now passes through Idols and blessed enemies
  • Blessed enemies no longer give most style bonuses
  • Dual Wield will now reduce the decay of weapon freshness
  • Weapon freshness regain is now also different per weapon

Rocket Launcher changes

  • Freezeframe rocket launcher will now automatically cancel its freeze if all its frozen rockets have been destroyed
  • Rockets now only track towards magnets that are attached to enemies
  • Rockets now break magnets after 3 hits on an enemy with a magnet attached to them (a mid-air hit counts as 2)
  • Chaining 3 or more rocket rides without touching the ground will cause diminishing returns on rocket riding time
  • Coins will no longer target a rocket the player is riding on

Enemy changes

  • Punches now properly auto-aim to Idols
  • Idols are now breakable with a Knuckleblaster explosion
  • Added a vertical light shaft on Idols that shows them from a distance
  • Riding on a Malicious Face will no longer rotate the player alongside the Face
  • Removed headshot multiplier from Leviathan's heart to reduce the damage of ricoshots
  • Timer in 5-4 now stops when Leviathan dies to reduce frustration due to the length of its death animation
  • Soldier terminal now mentions their explosion resistance
  • Soldiers can no longer block explosions while blind
  • Soldiers can no longer block Mindflayer death explosions or Malicious Face explosions caused by hitting a core eject or coin
  • Reduced Soldiers' explosion resistance on Violent difficulty from 100% to 75%, matching Standard difficulty
  • Changed most Soldiers in 5-3's final rooms into Strays
  • Added enemy silhouettes and colors for Sentries, Idols and Ferrymen
  • Added custom spawn sounds for Ferryman and Idol
  • Gabriel 2nd now only takes half damage during his juggle phase
  • Altered Cyber Grind spawn rates and waves for multiple enemies
  • Uncommon type enemies can now only use a maximum of half the current Cyber Grind wave's point reserve
  • Extended the distance that Swordsmachines and Ferrymen are be brave enough to jump down
  • Increased tracking speed for Ferryman's lightning bolt


  • Added keybind option for Slot 5
  • Camera no longer clips through the world when shaking
  • Fixed doors in some layers not closing when supposed to, causing connected rooms to no longer load in
  • Fixed Ferryman's bestiary entry not having a Strategy section
  • Filled 2 holes in the collision mesh of the Ferryman's ship in 5-2
  • Fixed Overheat Nailgun's sound
  • Fixed the restart/quit prompt appearing behind the pause menu in some old levels
  • Gabriel 1st no longer accidentally uses a taunt from Gabriel 2nd
  • Fixed resolution sometimes resetting on level load or reset
  • Fixed Rocket Launcher sometimes becoming unequippable after using the Spawner Arm cheat
  • Rocket Launcher and Shotgun weapon orders are no longer linked
  • Fixed inconsistent rocket freezing with Freezeframe when under the effects of a dual wield powerup
  • A rocket has to have been frozen at least once before it can be ridden
  • Rocket riding rotation no longer dependant on framerate
  • Ridden rockets can no longer be rotated while the game is paused
  • Fixed ridden rockets jittering when out of rocket riding time on the surface of water
  • Rocket Launcher now auto-aims correctly
  • Fixed player pulling out a gun while using a shop after pausing, unpausing and using the scrollwheel
  • Maxing out the style meter while in ULTRAKILL rank will no longer cause it to overflow and reset
  • Player can no longer clip through surfaces by rotating a frozen rocket while riding it
  • Player can no longer be knocked off a rocket by lag or a low framerate
  • Coins now inherit rocket ride velocity
  • Fixed some typos
  • Cyber Grind end-of-wave heal should no longer be blocked by explosions
  • Fixed 5-4 sea kill plane not being wide enough
  • Fixed a softlock in 6-1 caused by placing the red skull on the secret fight altar and resetting back to a checkpoint before the exterior section
  • The final arena in 6-1 will no longer re-lock if the player beats it, goes back and activates a checkpoint from a previous part of the level and then walks back to the final arena
  • Smaller normal explosion inside a core eject malicious railcannon nuke connecting first will no longer cause Soldiers to block nukes
  • Ferrymen now have a Stalker and Idol priority rank
  • Spawn rotation for all enemies in the Spawner Arm has been made consistent
  • Fixed a bug that caused scrolling in Wrath and Heresy pre-boss terminals to not work if the player has downscaling enabled
  • Fixed Wrath and Heresy pre-boss terminals not displaying the correct Tip of the Day
  • Made the check for a low ceiling wider to reduce chances of a crouching player standing up clipping through a ceiling
  • Fixed fish in 5-1 sometimes appearing where they shouldn't
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the 5-1 fish to multiply whenever the main cave is re-entered
  • Fixed 5-1 intro cave pits not rendering fog correctly
  • Fixed some holes in 5-1 geometry
  • Arm sprites in 5-2 sea are now affected by fog
  • Fixed a section of the 5-2 ship not rendering fog correctly
  • Fixed the Lust cityscape not rendering fog correctly
  • Fixed the rank square in the chapter select for Act 2 being visible when the chapter isn't unlocked yet
  • Fixed alternate terminals in Secret mission and Prime Sanctum not playing music
  • 6-1 interior checkpoints will now also reset exterior areas in case the player skips the first exterior checkpoint
  • Fixed Ferryman lightning bolt windup sometimes staying after the Ferryman dies
  • Fixed Gabriel getting stuck in the environment during his dash
  • Fixed Gabriel 2nd freezing if hitting the ceiling right when about to swap to second phase
  • Fixed Gabriel 2nd sometimes getting instakilled if stuck between the ceiling and the player in the phase change juggle

Patch 11 Changelog 2022/8/16

MID: 4346097336341897492


  • Added LAYER 5: WRATH
  • Added LAYER 6: HERESY
  • Added weapon colors
  • Added weapon infos
  • Added a confirm pop-up when the player selects Restart Mission or Quit Mission (Can be disabled in the options menu)
  • Added a developer message to the 1-S OOB clipping spot that speedrunners use so people will stop asking me to fix it
  • Added sounds and effects for walking while partially submerged in water


  • Updated the Revolver's model and texture
  • Boosted shotgun projectiles now turn into a redder orange to make them more visually distinct from normal ones
  • Finishing 1-S will now put the player back in 1-1 instead of going to 1-2
  • Improved projectile ricochet physics
  • A magnet attached to an enemy will now pull things towards the enemy instead of the magnet
  • Hitting a coin with the Whiplash will now reset its momentum and bounce it upwards
  • Hitting a shotgun core with the Whiplash will now attach it to the Whiplash for the duration of that throw
  • Auto-aim will now also target coins and shotgun cores
  • Wooden doors in the Limbo layer will now open faster if the player is moving at a high speed
  • Updated difficulty options with some altered text and different category names to give players a more accurate idea of the game's level of difficulty
  • Added a maximum distance limit to the coin trying to hit a core eject to avoid situations where the player would waste a coin shot on a core that's really far away instead of hitting a nearby enemy
  • Dash storage (freezing iframes with a slide) no longer works on iframes caused by damage
  • Parry heals now override the healing nullification from explosions

Enemy Changes

  • Changed the color and opacity of the Virtue's glow particle effect to not get mixed up with the Idol's blessing particle effect
  • Updated the model of Gabriel's spear to match its depiction in the 1-4 stain glass window
  • Made Malicious Face's invulnerability to explosions clearer by having boosted shotgun projectiles get deflected and explosions make a deflection sound
  • Hideous Mass' mortars will no longer be deflected by explosions
  • Swordsmachines now have a slight delay after spawning before they can attack (excluding boss encounters)
  • Cerberi now have a slight delay after spawning before they can attack (excluding ones that start as stage props)
  • Cerberi will no longer attack unless they have a line of sight to their target
  • Swordsmachine no longer throws its sword if it doesn't have a line of sight to its target
  • Swordsmachines and Cerberi will no longer be able to fall off ledges by attacking (unless Enraged)
  • Hideous Masses will no longer keep trying to do ground slams while in the lowered stance if the player is too high above or below them
  • Hideous Masses will now only start a harpoon shot when it has line of sight
  • Added exceptions to the instakill of a falling Sisyphus or Malicious Face: Insurrectionists will fall over and take damage, Mindflayers and Gabriel will teleport out of the way
  • When unable to reach their desirable range to the player, Husks that use projectiles will now attempt to fire regardless instead of just waiting for the player to come closer
  • Husks that use projectiles can now interrupt walking towards the player to fire at them from outside their desirable range
  • Soldiers will now block explosions if not in the air (except red explosions, interruptions and ones caused by a rocket hitting the environment). Blocking reduces damage by 75% on Standard and 100% on Violent.
  • Schisms will now instantly die from interruptions
  • Reduced texture compression on most enemy textures
  • Killing a husk with an overkill will now spill an appropriate amount of blood*

Style Meter Changes

  • Weapon freshness now has 4 states for determining the current weapon's style point multiplier: Fresh (1.5x), Used (1x), Stale (0.5x) and Dull (0x)
  • Weapon freshness's value is now based on style actions rather than time
  • Changed threshold for style combo ranking to make S, SS, SSS and ULTRAKILL harder to achieve
  • Hard Damage reduction rate is now affected by your style combo rank (S -> SSS increases speed of recovery, ULTRAKILL nullifies all hard damage instantly)
  • Using the Whiplash on enemies will now build up Hard Damage (up to the player's current HP)
  • Added tutorial message to 0-1 explaining Hard Damage
  • Added tutorial message to 4-4 explaining Whiplash building up Hard Damage
  • Bosses now give 1.5x style points to make building and maintaining style during a boss fight viable


  • Fixed the Cyber Grind Editor being unable to export for some people
  • Pressing "Restart Mission" while the game is loading a different assetbundle will no longer start the next mission anyway
  • Fixed the timing for the easter event
  • Fixed a visual bug caused by picking up the Whiplash in 4-4 while already having thrown the hook
  • Fixed Malicious Faces not dying properly from the Kill All Enemies cheat
  • Filth will no longer run at hyper speed if deactivated in the middle of an attack
  • Various projectile husks will no longer kill themselves if blinded via cheat during their projectile charge animation
  • Fixed husks not taking parry damage from punch parries
  • Fixed the Revolver's cylinder not rotating when shooting
  • Fixed non-standard doors that are opened by an arena ending not closing when another door is opened
  • Fixed multiple typos
  • Fixed the falling Malicious Face instakill not working on enemies who were already inside its trigger before it started falling
  • Fixed "Major Assists Enabled" popup reappearing whenever stepping over the spawn position in the Sandbox
  • Items with physics can no longer be pushed off pedestals they've been placed on, causing the pedestal to become unusable
  • Multi-skull doors will no longer close if one skull is removed

Patch 10b Hotfix 2022/2/19

MID: 5355267660399045828
MID: 887373215168603059


  • The game can now be forced to run on glcore instead of dx11 to reduce chance of crashes on very old GPUs (right click on Steam, go to Properties, set launch options as "-force-glcore")
  • Sawblades are now included as weight on a magnet's maximum carrying capacity
  • Reduced volume on sawblade bounce sounds
  • Sawblades can now break breakable objects
  • V2 2nd now has a cooldown after seeing a coin before attempting to shoot it that depends on difficulty
  • Increased Whiplash's auto-aim distance
  • Changed heat reduction rate on the green alternate nailgun to stop players from tap firing to keep heat at 0 without firing slower than the standard firerate
  • Reduced inertia on the alternate nailgun to keep its HUD more on-screen when moving fast
  • Slightly increased size of nailgun muzzleflashes
  • Replaced earlier temporary controller support in 2-S with normal menu selection
  • Cooldown between coin throws is now reset when switching to another weapon


  • Greatly reduced memory usage of some textures
  • Fixed custom color palettes causing the screen to go grey for a split second at the start of every level
  • Fixed arms not being swappable during freeze frames
  • Fixed Stalkers not being launchable
  • Throwing a coin with the dual wield power up will no longer cost multiple coin charges
  • Fixed the heated sawblade not being able to break after reaching its maximum hit amount unless hitting a surface
  • The first option of every menu no longer gets highlighted while the player isn't using a controller
  • Fixed green alternate nailgun's sawblades having 3 hits instead of 1 if the player has no heatsinks left
  • Nailgun can no longer shoot through thin surfaces
  • Picking up the 1-1 nailgun will no longer replace the blue alternate nailgun
  • Fixed the nailgun model sometimes not appearing
  • Mysterious Druid Knight no longer spawns in 4-3 if Disable Enemy Spawns cheat is on
  • Mysterious Druid Knight and Flesh Prison's eye spawn no longer attack if Blind Enemies cheat is on
  • Fixed MDK and Drones sometimes being pulled through walls by great magnetic force
  • Gabriel no longer drifts away while Blind Enemies cheat is enabled
  • Reloading to the pre-boss checkpoint in 4-4 after backtracking will no longer cause the preceding hallway to stay inactive
  • Fixed the bugged mesh of the 0-2 end room
  • Fixed some segments of the end hallway in 0-4 not having collision
  • Fixed the first checkpoint in 4-3 not resetting later rooms if the player uses the Tomb of Kings secret to bypass the second checkpoint
  • Save files will no longer display 5-1's name
  • Fixed barrel heat lights not working on the nailgun
  • Fixed a bug that caused the player to be unable to throw a book if their punch had reached exhaustion cooldown
  • Shooting a magnet will no longer reset primary fire cooldown allowing the alternate nailgun to fire 2 shots in quick succession
  • Fixed an occlusion culling issue in 4-4 that would cause the pit in the broken bridge room to disappear
  • Fixed a bug where detached limbs hit by nails from a nailbomb would cause that limb to be magnetized
  • Minos Prime is no longer pulled by magnets while jumping
  • Fixed the dithering slider being offset in some levels
  • Fixed a bug that caused blue sawblades to be able to stack damage by hitting dead husks
  • Fixed the faint player light not affecting outdoors areas
  • Fixed pre-boss terminals and the P-1 terminal not scrolling if the player has downscaling enabled
  • Fixed being able to navigate off the 0-1 Full Intro pop up with a controller causing it to be impossible to close it
  • Fixed weapons not appearing if picking up and throwing a book quickly
  • Fixed the Stalker's spawn effect's light being the wrong color

The Saw Your Heart Update 2022/2/17

MID: 5699771933147824188


  • Added Alternate Nailgun
  • Added 4-4 super secret
  • Added V2, V2 2nd, Gabriel, Cancerous Rodent, Very Cancerous Rodent, Mysterious Druid Knight (& Owl), Flesh Prison and Minos Prime into the Spawner Arm spawn menu
  • Added seperate enemy data entry for V2 2nd
  • Added "+MAURICED" style bonus to crushing enemies with a dead Malicious Face
  • Added option to turn off seasonal events

Controller Support

  • Added controller support for all menus
  • Tutorials and on-screen text have been updated to show controller inputs when using a controller
  • Controller look speed is no longer affected by framerate
  • Fixed LB and RB not scrolling through weapons if mouse wheel weapon scrolling is disabled
  • Fixed LB and RB not scrolling through all variations when scroll type is set to "Both" and Remember Last Used Variation is enabled
  • Fixed weapon wheel being usable when dead or paused
  • Intro setup sequence will now have a auto-aim setting pop-up recommending to turn it on if the player has a controller plugged in
  • Walking slower will now also make view bob, gun bob and footsteps slower


  • Halved the game's filesize
  • Options are now saved as files in the Preferences folder instead of in the registry (Options have gotten reset to defaults) and get synced by Steam Cloud
  • Players can now use right-click to zoom in while using an in-game screen such as a terminal
  • A screwdrivered enemy can now be punched with the Feedbacker to relaunch the screw, resetting its timer and dealing extra damage to the punched enemy
  • Updated the Shotgun's model and texture
  • Updated the Nailgun's model and texture
  • Variation colors will now also change relevant colors on the weapons themselves
  • Cleaned up and reworked many textures (especially Prelude textures) to make them look less compressed
  • Updated previous levels to fix some texture misalignment
  • Sliding no longer loses momentum if in the air or skipping on water
  • Objects and enemies that previously spawned inside a surface when spawned with the Spawner Arm are now offset to spawn correctly
  • Changed the painting inside the building of the final 2-2 arena from a generic angel painting to a portrait of King Minos
  • Nails that are being affected by magnets will no longer get launched by explosions
  • Reduced auto-aim on Whiplash to allow for greater accuracy
  • Whiplash will no longer auto-aim to dead Malicious Faces
  • Arms can now be swapped during the level intro falling animation
  • Malicious Face's eyes are now properly monocolored when Enemy Silhouettes is enabled
  • Sliding in Clash mode will now count towards the 0-4 slide length challenge
  • Deleting enemies in the sandbox will no longer mark the navmesh as out of date
  • Clash mode Herb skull invincibility now included in the "No Weapon Cooldowns" cheat
  • Player can no longer enter a slide state while being pulled with the Whiplash to cause movement direction conflict
  • Made the Nailgun's animations less extreme when using a Dual Wield powerup to improve visibility
  • Slightly updated jump pad particle effects
  • Updated 1-3 Hideous Mass' eyes to glow in the dark when enraged
  • Increased accuracy of the collision checks for MDK's Full Auto attack
  • The hand encounter in 2-4 will no longer unlock the enemy data entry for The Corpse of King Minos


  • Enemies no longer get stuck around the stairs of a specific Cyber Grind layout
  • Homing projectile speed is no longer affected by framerate
  • Fixed some weapon sounds not playing correctly in frozen time
  • Fixed some sound effects not playing at the correct pitch if the game speed has been slowed down with major assists
  • Turning on Clash mode while in ground slam state will no longer stop the spin attack from hitting enemies
  • Fixed Mindflayer swipe distance varying inversely per difficulty
  • Fixed Malicious Face's beam charging effect disappearing if enraged while charging
  • Cerberi will no longer keep an enrage particle effect when dying the moment they enrage
  • Fixed a bug that caused Insurrectionists to get stuck horizontally after a jump attack
  • MDK can no longer clip out of bounds if hit with great force the instant he spawns
  • Drones will no longer explode during their death dive when touching a spot where an explosion had recently happened
  • Fixed some options menus not rendering correctly at ultrawide aspect ratios
  • Fixed the Marksman revolver not getting the correct amount of charge if the player skips a cutscene while holding it
  • Fixed the Nailgun's nails and Screwdriver's drill not being aimed at the center of the screen when using centered weapons
  • Fixed the standard revolver's cooldown freezing when switching to another weapon, causing the next time the player equips the weapon to take slightly longer before the player can fire
  • Fixed Stalkers not dying from fall damage
  • Fixed Stalkers not destroying magnets that are attached to them when exploding themselves
  • Fixed a bug where enemies that have no weakpoints would only ever take a single point of damage from coinpunching
  • Fixed a bug where the V2 would be unable to use its shotgun when the player pulls off a specifically timed ricoshot
  • Fixed a bug that caused the player to be unable to spawn a sandbox block unless looking at a nearby surface
  • The last arena of 1-2 will no longer stay locked if the player restarts from a different checkpoint
  • Fixed a Clash mode bug where restarting from a checkpoint immediately after jumping would cause the player to enter an endless falling state
  • Classic HUD will now properly show the maximum HP value as 200 on Harmless difficulty
  • Fixed a bug where resetting to a checkpoint while in front of a locked door would cause it to open after the player has respawned, possibly despawning the room the player is in
  • Black Hole will no longer stay inert if Corpse of King Minos changes phases during its spawn animation on Violent difficulty
  • Fixed a Classic HUD bug where the weapon icon could not be disabled until another HUD icon setting had been changed
  • Fixed the shop terminal in the Cyber Grind not closing the Sandbox window if the player has it open and clicks the Weapons button
  • Fixed fullscreen option appearing to be off on restart even if the game is windowed
  • Fixed the ceiling lantern inside the small house in the first arena of 2-2 not having physics
  • Fixed the game loading the intro on startup if the player is using the second save slot without having any save on their first slot
  • Fixed a bug where throwing coins directly vertically could cause a multi-hit beam to get cancelled by hitting a dead coin
  • Fixed an issue where ground slam waves in 2-1 indoor areas would have outdoors lighting
  • Fixed the spine gib not being visible when destroying a husk's chest

Patch 9b Lukewarmfix 2021/11/5

MID: 1883441911754009671


  • Made changing direction in the air in Clash mode slightly faster
  • Stamina and velocity now reset on death in Clash mode
  • Cerberus' and Malicious Face's player prediction will now take into account the environment and large enemies that might block the player's movement
  • The player can no longer parry an unlimited amount of projectiles with a single punch (now only two max: one that's inside a player and one that's infront)
  • Replaced 4-S ending hologram's texture to the default one to reduce confusion
  • Normal spawnables are now removable with the deleter arm
  • Added a tutorial message about holding the jump button to bounce higher in 4-S
  • Added water surface skipping to Clash mode's slide
  • Activating Noclip or Flight cheats will now disable Clash mode and vice versa
  • Added a ceiling to the 4-S final section
  • "Navmesh out of date" message now includes instructions for rebuilding it
  • Spawner Arm now has a notification in the cheats list with instructions for accessing it
  • Slightly raised enemy step height in the sandbox so they can climb onto the lowest possible custom block height
  • Breaking or deleting baked static objects will now mark the Navmesh as out of date
  • Made the orange damaging shockwaves' flat sprite white to make the shockwave easier to track in yellow/orange environments
  • Changed the sentence "Your failure will not be tolerated" to "Your treachery will not be tolerated" in the Act I intermission for consistency and accuracy
  • Changed the phrase "The Chamber of Dreams" to "The Chamber of the feline and the rodent" in the 4-3 tablet to make it easier to understand


  • Fixed most cases of Intel graphics cards crashing from the color palette option
  • Fixed cheats not turning off properly sometimes when exiting Sandbox with the spawner arm equipped
  • Fixed 2-2's water causing movement issues when the player tried sliding in it
  • Fixed Sandbox saving not working if the player had placed a Whiplash hookpoint
  • Breaking a breakable while holding it with telekinesis will no longer break the arm
  • Dead enemies no longer get saved as alive in sandbox saves
  • Fixed 4-2 moon not emitting light when looking down at the secret exit
  • Fixed soldiers in the final rooms of 2-3 and 3-1 spawning early even if enemy spawns had been disabled
  • While in dual wield mode, switching to the spawner arm and then back to the original weapon will now spawn the dualwielded guns correctly
  • Restarting from checkpoint or dying a second time during a Clash mode death animation will no longer cause the player to reset twice
  • Sisyphean Insurrectionists will no longer keep tracking the player if knocked down by a parry while in a horizontal or vertical swing animation
  • Fixed major assists game speed control not working correctly
  • Fixed screenshake continuing indefinitely while paused
  • Game no longer freezes when picking up a new secret soul orb in Clash mode
  • Game no longer freezes when switching to Clash mode during hitstop
  • Hitstop no longer breaks when no arms are equipped
  • Fixed inverted crosshair
  • Fixed the 4-S desert not getting unloaded properly when traversing back and forth between the beginning and end of the level
  • Fixed jumping OOB not killing the player in 4-S
  • Fixed Something Wicked not killing the player when touching them
  • Fixed blue Nailgun not having spread
  • Fixed a Clash mode related bug that would cause the spawner arm to only spawn objects in one specific spot
  • Fixed a terminal issue that would cause telekinesis effects to persist
  • Fixed a spawner arm positioning problem when trying to spawn an object that's outside the spawning range
  • Fixed the Chamber of Dreams in 4-4 not spawning in if circling around through a specific route
  • Fixed the camera unlocking if the player pauses and unpauses in the results screen
  • Fixed mouse invert not working in Clash mode
  • Fixed the underwater filter not working in Clash mode in some levels
  • Fixed the underwater sound filter breaking when the player dies underwater
  • Enemies are no longer killable with parries when the Invincible Enemies cheat is on
  • Fixed the sky not returning in 4-S after going back to the outdoors section
  • Fixed the indoors death pit not being disabled when returning to the outdoors section through a checkpoint restart
  • Fixed hurting surfaces not killing in Clash mode if the player has a protector and doesn't jump off the surface before the invincibility frames run out
  • 4-2 nighttime sand no longer kills in Clash mode
  • Clash mode unlock can now be picked up while in standard mode
  • Fixed pumpkin textures turning blank when an enemy enrages
  • Chapter select buttons for each act will no longer unlock one level too early
  • Nailgun now shoots nails correctly when auto-aimed
  • Railcannon meter is no longer broken on the classic white HUD
  • Fixed dithering slider offset
  • Fixed the red skull hallway in 2-3 not spawning in if the player backtracks through a specific route
  • Fixed the Railcannon meter (no weapon icon version) not updating properly when always on top HUD is enabled or disabled
  • Fixed dashes not working if the player whiplashes towards an enemy without pausing the game at any point during the level
  • Fixed "Keep enabled" cheat remembering wrong cheats when set off and on again
  • Fixed some sounds not lowering in volume in reverbarated zones
  • Fixed the Cerberi in the 4-1 final arena not being lit correctly
  • Fixed the Nailgun not aiming at the center of the screen when using middle weapon position

Halloween Clash Update 2021/10/28

MID: 529056024186652082


  • Added Greed layer secret level 4-S
  • Added timed Halloween event
  • Added "custom color palette" graphics option
  • Added "dithering" graphics option
  • Added "Always on top" HUD option

Sandbox / Cheats changes

  • Remade cheats menu
  • Added cheats rebinding
  • Added new Sandbox tools: Custom blocks and telekinesis tool
  • Added saving and loading to Sandbox
  • Added new cheats: Invincible enemies, fullbright mode and infinite power-ups
  • Added HUD option for changing the Sandbox tool and cheat menu icons
  • Added snapping option for the spawner arm in the Sandbox mode
  • Spawner arm now shows an object placement preview

General changes

  • Updated Virtue's data section with information about the Virtue itself rather than just angels in general
  • Reduced stamina cost of ground slam wave from 200 to 100
  • The tab stats menu can now also be used in secret missions the player has already beaten
  • Damaging shockwaves have now been colored orange to clearly differentiate between damaging and harmless shockwaves
  • Soldiers and Schisms will now move before firing their first shot
  • Shotgun's Core Eject can now also be fired by pressing primary fire while holding alt fire
  • Mindflayer beam warning flash changed to blue
  • 1.5x damage multiplier on burning enemies no longer applies to fire damage or explosion damage
  • 1.5x damage multiplier on airborne enemies no longer applies to fire damage
  • Schisms now have a 50% flame damage resistance so they can no longer be killed by a single normal explosion
  • Made rank time limits on 4-2 slightly more lenient


  • Greatly reduced physics bugs that caused the player to clip through a floor or surface (some legacy speedrun clipping spots have been kept manually)
  • Fixed the coin flip animation not being interruptible with a punch while holding a torch
  • Improved performance on 4-4 boss fight
  • Fixed a bug that would break 4-4 if the player restarted after skipping a phase without using the checkpoint

Patch 8c Lukewarmhotfix 2021/8/24

MID: 1875892242981291983


  • Fixed the shotgun overpump explosion only dealing 5 damage instead of 10
  • Increased magnet pull strength from 200 to 300
  • Increased magnet weight limit
  • Fixed the 0-2 crusher hallway Swordmachine getting stuck idle after running through the door
  • Fixed Swordmachine's sword's motor idle sounds continuing after death
  • Updated the enemy entries for Stalker and Sisyphus to reflect recent balance changes

Patch 8b Lukewarmfix 2021/8/23

MID: 1938674422135080352


  • Added red soul orb to spawnables
  • Holding space or the dash button will now fast-forward through text scrolls
  • Added a tablet that appears in the Mysterious Druid Knight's sarcophagus after the fight
  • Added an early access end screen after 4-4
  • Updated the visuals for dual wield orbs that count as secrets and red orbs that don't count as secrets to have a clearer consistent visual language
  • Skipping a cutscene will now charge your weapons up to the amount where they would be charged if the cutscene hadn't been skipped

Sisyphean Insurrectionist changes

  • Sisyphean Insurrectionist parries now heal and give the parry style bonus
  • Sisyphean Insurrectionist Cyber Grind special token cost has been reduced back down to 1
  • Sisyphean Insurrectionist health has been slightly increased (60 -> 75 normally, 90 -> 110 in 4-2 boss fight)
  • Sisyphean Insurrectionists will now instakill enemies they fall on

Nailgun changes

  • Improved nail physics
  • Magnets now get automatically destroyed when the enemy they're attached to dies
  • Fixed bug where nails would disappear after 5 seconds even if being pulled by a magnet
  • Very slightly reduced blue nailgun's base damage (0.225 per nail to 0.205)
  • If a nail hits a dead enemy, it will no longer attach to it if in the radius of a magnet to stop corpses from ruining nail traps
  • Magnets attached to enemies are no longer breakable to avoid accidentally breaking them while shooting at the enemy with a hitscan weapon


  • Fixed bug where red explosions didn't deal double damage to living enemies
  • Fixed explosive projectiles (Hideous Mass and Cerberus) not colliding with the environment
  • Dual wielded charger revolvers no longer mismatch charge amounts
  • Fixed Mindflayers not giving the "BIG KILL" style bonus on death
  • The blue skull arena Malicious Faces in 4-2 as well as The Cerberus, Malicious Faces and Hideous Mass in 1-3 are now lit correctly
  • Reduced the first 4-2 Stalker's preparation time from 5 seconds to the previous 3 to avoid unnecessary waiting on replays
  • Fixed a bug where a Cerberus' projectile throw would sometimes hit the Cerberus itself
  • Malicious beams (Face and railcannon) will no longer explode on a coin instead of reflecting/chargebacking if the beam just barely misses the coin hitbox
  • Fixed 4-4 outro getting fucky if the player dies while V2 is flying off at the end of the second phase
  • Fixed the spawner arm preview for Cerberus
  • Fixed small gaps in the Sandbox lake geometry
  • Fixed a visual bug where the second weapon would be positioned incorrectly if the player picked up a dual wield powerup while holding a book
  • Swordsmachines in the Cyber Grind now also become red when enraged
  • 0-2 Swordsmachine teases no longer unlock its bestiary entry
  • 0-2 classic-style dead husk decorations no longer unlock the Cerberus bestiary entry
  • The aura around virtues in their first appearance in 4-1 no longer stops emitting after a couple of seconds
  • Fixed the 4-4 to main menu black screen still happening in specific circumstances
  • Fixed a culling issue with the Schism and Swordsmachine, causing them to become invisible at the edges of the screen
  • Hideous Mass will no longer lose the sandification glow effect when enraged
  • Improved performance on 4-4 V2 fight
  • Fixed an issue where sliding into the level exit pit in a specific way would cause the player to get stuck

The Sandbox Update 2021/8/13

MID: 8990659840176324011


  • New Sandbox level (available from the shop)
  • Multiple save slots (available in the General options)
  • Added secondary boss bars
  • Flesh Prison: displays time until the next heal
  • V2: displays patience

General changes

  • Burning enemies now take 150% damage from all attacks
  • Countdown before a Stalker can explode itself increased from 3 seconds to 5
  • Streetcleaners now have a blue flash instead of a yellow one to signify that their flamethrower attack is unparriable
  • Added a tutorial tip to 1-2 that explains that blue flash attacks are unparriable
  • 4-4 Whiplash tutorial tips are no longer timed and are instead disabled by triggers
  • Whiplash no longer auto-aims to Malicious Face corpses
  • Punches now reset rotation quicker to no longer block the HUD for a long time after a punch to the side
  • Spawning undroppable items (skulls and torches) with the spawner arm will now also create an altar to put them down on
  • Updated music for 4-1 and 4-4

Nailgun changes

  • Greatly decreased the amount of time it takes to be able to shoot when switching to any variation of the Nailgun
  • Attaching magnets to a Stalker will reduce the splash radius of its sandification explosion (0.75x for 1, 0.625x for 2, 0.5x for 3)
  • Nailgun's firerate is no longer slowed down when playing at a low framerate
  • Magnets attached to enemies no longer have a damage penalty

Sisyphean Insurrectionist changes

  • Insurrectionist's attacks are now parriable: Punching his boulder with the feedbacker mid-attack will momentarily turn it into a cannonball
  • Added distinct spawn and death sounds to make Insurrectionists easier to keep track of in the Cyber Grind
  • Insurrectionist's attacks have been slowed down to make parrying possible
  • Insurrectionists can no longer be damaged by enemy explosions
  • Insurrectionists now take up 2 Cyber Grind special enemy tokens instead of 1, meaning spawning an Insurrectionist costs as much as 2 Mindflayers
  • Greatly reduced Insurrectionist's amount of bleeding when not on fire and increased bleeding when on fire
  • Insurrectionists will now play hurt sounds when on fire
  • To explain the Insurrectionist fire changes: Burning an Insurrectionist will now work as an opening for dealing big damage rather than just dealing big damage by itself. This is to stop players from setting Insurrectionists on fire and then running away until they die from the passive damage. The changes to bleeding and hurt sounds are to make the importance of using fire against Insurrectionists clearer and more intuitive.


  • Improved performance on 2-2 and 4-4
  • Vertexlit enemies will now check for outdoors lighting zones
  • Virtue's cannonball effect when launched after death with a feedbacker punch now works correctly
  • A coin's style multiplier will no longer exponentially increase when punched into the environment causing the game to grant points for the equivalent of thousands of coin shots
  • Fixed an issue where some of the Insurrectionist's attacks could go through walls
  • Scrolling through enemy files is now absolute rather than relative, meaning large enemy files will no longer cause large skips when scrolling
  • Fixed a bug where combat music wouldn't start when the player spawned an Insurrectionist with the spawner arm
  • Fixed coins persisting through checkpoint restarts
  • Fixed secret dual wield powerups not respawning on checkpoint restarts if the player hasn't already found them
  • 4-3 Tomb of Kings lantern can no longer be lit through the closed door with an explosion
  • Can no longer clip outside the 4-4 boss arena by riding the rising columns up
  • Can no longer stop the 0-1 timer from starting by picking up the revolver and running to the glass floor room before the logo disappears
  • Restarting from the final 1-1 checkpoint will no longer keep the preceding room despawned
  • Fixed a rare case that would cause the player to go into a perpetual falling loop at the start of 2-1 by not respawning the intro tunnel after falling into a pit
  • 4-2's red skull arena will now still start even if the player enters from the side
  • Fixed a bug where Insurrectionists would sometimes still keep jumping even if the blind enemies cheat was turned on
  • Can no longer fall perpetually while slamming on the 2-2 dinner table
  • Main menu background will no longer be black after finishing 4-4
  • Insurrectionists will no longer die instantly when spawning in the Cyber Grind's jump pad pit pattern
  • Fixed one of the enemy spawn triggers in 4-1 not failing the challenge
  • Fixed V2 getting stuck if knocked down ontop of one of the lanterns during the phase change

Patch 7: Hotfix Changelog 2021/6/24

MID: 1331489648651088721
MID: 1571111390402284884
  • Fixed Prime Sanctum levels getting locked again if the player makes progress in the game on the same difficulty
  • Hideous Mass harpoon can no longer hit the player if they're touching its tail when it teleports back due to having not hit anything
  • Fixed OOB issues in 4-3
  • Fixed Mysterious Druid Knight sometimes not resetting due to checkpoint order shenanigans
  • Renamed 4-3 teleport rooms to be more descriptive
  • Fixed multiple issues caused by jumping over the 4-4 checkpoint between the V2 phases
  • Fixed an issue where Malicious Faces, Cerberuses and Hideous Masses lost their sandification visual when changing texture if Outline Only enemy silhouettes were turned on
  • Player should no longer be able to slide out between the blinds in 4-4
  • Fixed the Whiplash pull sound continuing to play while paused
  • Reduced 4-2 Insurrectionist's health from 120 to 90
  • Increased Insurrectionist's attack cooldown on Violent from 1 second to 1.5 seconds
  • Reduced Insurrectionist's attack speed multiplier on Violent from 1.5 to 1.25
  • Fixed an issue where Insurrectionist would jump even if Blind Enemies cheat is turned on
  • (Hopefully) fixed an issue where Insurrectionist would jump into the air and never fall down
  • Fixed an issue where Streetcleaner canisters would appear floating above the 4-2 desert when shot
  • V2 can no longer be instakilled with an explosion that deflects all his projectiles back into him
  • Fixed a z-fighting issue with the 4-2 red skull's glass case
  • Fixed a bug with level end doors not opening when a checkpoint gets activated at the start of their opening animation
  • Fixed Whiplash's inspect animation not playing if the player is directly on top of it when it spawns

Patch 7: GREED Update Patchnotes 2021/6/24

MID: 3443812216680604249


  • Added Greed layer (excluding secret mission)
  • Added new arm "Whiplash"
  • Added Dual Wield Powerup
  • Added new enemies "Virtue" and "Stalker"
  • Added new bosses "Sisyphean Insurrectionist" and "V2" (Second encounter)
  • Added "Subtitles" option to the Audio options menu
  • Added a shop terminal in front of each boss arena to let players change their loadout or read about enemies between attempts
  • Added new Act transition from 3-2 to 4-1
  • Added "Boss Fight Difficulty Override" major assist that allows the player to force boss fights to be on a different difficulty than standard enemies (boss enemies as normal enemies are unaffected)
  • Added "Disable Popup" major assist that allows the player to disable the "Major Assists Enabled" popup at the start of every level and the level end results screen (blue rank background is unaffected)


  • Encountering an enemy will now unlock the "Strategy" portion of their enemy file without unlocking the "Data" portion, allowing new players to get hints for beating difficult enemies
  • Updated enemy files to make their strategy sections more useful
  • Shooting a core eject out of the air now produces a red explosion (2x damage against enemies, normal damage against player) instead of a normal large explosion, shooting one with a Malicious railcannon will double its size
  • Killing a Drone with a punch will now cause the Drone's suicide dive to be aimed in the direction of the punch rather than at the player
  • Added healing sound effect to succesful parries to make it clearer the player is fully healed by them
  • Options menu labels that mention gear that hasn't been unlocked yet will be replaced with "???" to avoid possible spoilers
  • Added special style point bonuses for advanced ricoshot variations
  • Enemy step (jumping off an enemy) will now reset the amount of wall jumps and wall cling weight
  • Updated explosion visuals
  • Enabling "Simple Explosions" in Graphics > Performance Options will now also stop explosions from pushing gibs around, reducing their performance strain
  • Updated and increased range of Malicious Face beam's charge sound for added clarity in large arenas
  • Hideous Mass' harpoon can now also be dislodged from the player with a single Knuckleblaster punch
  • Drones will no longer chirp while suicide diving to make it clearer they're already dying
  • Player can now only be pushed by one explosion at a time (Ultraboosting has been preserved manually)
  • Can now strafe slightly while sliding

V2 Changes

  • New green V2 movement pattern, activated when the player has stayed close for too long, causes V2 to attempt to rapidly gain distance away from player but greatly reduces attack speed (will not activate if player is below 33 health)
  • V2's movement speed now has additional possible debuffs to make healing slightly easier:
  • Ground movement is 10% slower if the player has 33 health or less on Violent difficulty or lower
  • Ground movement is 10% slower if the player is within 10 units of V2 on Standard difficulty or lower (stacks with above debuff)
  • Jumps are now shorter if the player is within 10 units on Standard difficulty or lower with an additional jump height debuff if the player has 33 health or less
  • Can no longer slide at close range and will cancel slide sooner if player has 50 health or less on Standard difficulty or lower
  • V2 will no longer miss shots if the player is close enough to be between V2 and their gun
  • V2 will no longer try to move towards the player even if already touching them
  • V2's ground movement speed is now also affected by the slowdown debuff from the Screwdriver drill

Cyber Grind Changes

  • Added 4 new official patterns
  • Updated "Labyrinth" pattern to lower the walls so they can be walljumped onto
  • Maximum amount of Hideous Masses is now increased infinitely at a rate of 1 every 10 waves (1 can spawn at waves 10-19, 2 at 20-29, etc)
  • Hideous Masses now have a wave buffer (if one spawns, Masses can't spawn for the next 2 waves, if two spawn, Masses can't spawn for the next 4 waves)
  • The amount of Hideous Masses that have spawned in the current wave will reduce the maximum possible amount of Special-type enemies that can spawn in that wave
  • If any Uncommon-type enemies spawn, the maximum possible amount of Special-type enemies is reduced by 1


  • Machines and demons can now also give the "Fireworks" and "Airshot" bonuses when killed in the air
  • Flesh Prison's light beams will no longer break if "Max Gore Per Room" is set to 0
  • Fixed Cancerous Rodent not gibbing when killed
  • Music will no longer sometimes stay at a lower pitch from the arena end slowdown if game speed has been reduced via major assists
  • Fixed bug where Attractor magnets and Screwdriver would break almost instantly if too far from level's coordinate origin
  • Fixed explosions launching gibs too fast, causing them to clip out of map
  • Somehow made the game even cooler


  • Added the ability to pick waves 5, 10, 15, 20, or 25 as the starting Cyber Grind wave, provided the player has reached twice as far at least once.

Patch 6 Hotfix #2 Changelog 2021/4/19

MID: 4296180771784366658


  • Fixed the CRT texture on the Cyber Grind shop
  • Fixed a bug where scrolling through weapons backwards with scrolling weapon switch set to "Both" would only scroll through the first and last weapon
  • Scrolling through weapons when set to "Both" will now ignore Remember Last Used Variation
  • Fixed a tagging error on one of the death pit zones around the mouth door at the end of the spinal staircase in P-1 that would allow players to float in midair
  • Main menu's social media buttons no longer only work at the edges of the button
  • Fixed the charge shot of the alternate revolver still hitting a coin even if all its hits have been drained

Auto Aim Fixes

  • Auto aim amount now gets saved between levels
  • Fixed auto aim deadzone where sometimes there was a camera rotation that would cause the auto aim to not track any targets
  • Fixed auto aim weirdness when enabled but with amount set to None
  • Nails no longer get spawned in front of the camera instead of in front of the gun when auto aiming at an off-center enemy
  • Parried projectiles now get auto aimed as well
  • Fixed auto aim not working on Malicious Faces

Patch 6 Hotfix Changelog 2021/4/16

MID: 3389618082439579121

Changes and Additions

  • Added a slider for changing the strength of the auto aim assist
  • Fixed a bug where the player wouldn't be able to heal during invincibility frames
  • The Cyber Grind will no longer break while trying to save the player's high score if they previously did not have a high score save file
  • Fixed cases of filestream conflict stopping the game from saving, leaving only a -temp file
  • The game will now automatically read a -temp save file if no normal file is available
  • Added a warning message if the player attempts to punch without having an arm equipped
  • Parrying Minos Prime's Judgement dropkick will now cancel the explosion if he's above half health on Standard difficulty or lower
  • Minos Prime will no longer explode twice if the ending cutscene is skipped after the light shafts start appearing
  • Fixed Minos Prime's "uppercut->air hike->overhead->crush" combo not triggering on successful close range uppercut where the player does not get out of range in time
  • Soap will no longer kill enemies that ran into it too quickly even if the soap wasn't moving
  • Skipping the 0-1 title drop early will no longer cause the HUD to not appear
  • Fixed alternate revolver beams not applying the correct splitshot timing bonus when hitting an enemy while aiming at another coin
  • Players can now pause during the Act I intermission, allowing them to easily exit to main menu
  • The music during the Act I intermission now loops correctly
  • Fixed a typo in the P-1 terminal

Soul Survivor Update 2021/4/13

MID: 4468097286062104809


  • Added 2-S (Can be accessed via secret exit in the Lust layer)
  • Added P-1 (Can be accessed via secret exit in the Gluttony layer, requires P ranks in all Prelude and Act I levels)
  • Easy difficulties ("Lenient" and "Harmless") are now selectable.
  • Added soap
  • Added "Remember last used weapon variation" option which makes switching to a weapon also switch to the variation that that weapon was previously on
  • Added "cutscene skip" system which allows players to skip moments of waiting if they've already beaten the level (the time it would've taken to finish the cutscene is added to the clock if the timer is active)
  • Added a filter to the music while the game is paused
  • Added unique icons for the Railcannon variations to make it possible to tell them apart if all variation colors are set to be identical or similar
  • Added particle effect and updated sound to checkpoints to make it clearer when the player activates one
  • Added teleport cheat that allows the player to warp to any checkpoint in the level
  • Added Vvizard_Man's Cyber Grind texture pack as default Cyber Grind custom theme textures
  • Added a shortcut to 0-1's first secret, allowing players who have the Knuckleblaster to bypass picking up the revolver to make full game weaponless runs possible

General Changes

  • Making progress will now also unlock the same missions on lower difficulties to make switching to an easier difficulty more convenient for players who have made progress before realizing the difficulty is too high for them
  • Alternate Revolver now does a flat 2.5 damage instead of the previous "2 damage with a maximum of 2.5 damage via headshot".
  • If hit with the Alternate Revolver during the splitshot timing, a coin will now increase the shot's amount of hits by one (as well as matching the amount of times a shot will hit before piercing through to that new total hit amount)
  • Increased homing speed of Hideous Mass' bomb projectiles on Violent difficulty
  • Increased speed and spread of Drone's projectiles on Violent difficulty
  • Tab stats menu now displays current progress towards the level challenge instead of whether or not the challenge has been previously completed
  • Boss health bars now turn green when the boss is being healed to make it clearer to the player
  • If weapon icon is disabled, the railcannon meter will switch to an alternate version that fits the weapon iconless HUD better
  • Modified 1-1's long hallway to include a tutorial message for the Nailgun's magnet, as well as changing enemy spawns to give the player a bit of space to try it out after being told about it
  • Knuckleblaster punch can now break glass and heavy breakables that previously only its blastwave could
  • Cerberus and Malicious Face will now change to a cracked texture when below half health to make them easier to seperate from eachother
  • Coin punching damage stacking will now cap at 5 unless the coin hits an enemy

Nailgun Changes

  • Increased nail velocity and decreased spread on Attractor nailgun
  • Both nailguns now fire at maximum firerate instantly (Overheat nailgun's firerate slows down with more unreleased heat but heat builds up slower)
  • Attractor nailgun deals increased damage against most Husk enemies (Filth, Stray, Schism, Soldier)
  • New firing sound effect
  • Attractor nailgun is now limited to a maximum of 3 magnets active
  • Attractor magnets now have a nail weight limit and will instantly explode when reaching it (multiple magnets reduces the weight of nails)
  • Nailbomb explosions now deal much higher damage, as a single nail will deal half the entire collective's damage, but only a single hit from a nail explosion counts
  • Alternate animations when centered to stop the gun from blocking out the middle of the screen


  • Various optimization improvements for better performance
  • Fixed all known causes of save corruption
  • Fixed an issue where the Cyber Grind would break if more than 99 enemies spawned in a single wave
  • Fixed a bug where enemies would sometimes spawn in bugged positions in the Cyber Grind
  • Fixed a bug where the player would sometimes get launched incredibly far away from a point-blank projectile boost
  • Fixed an issue where players could cause the tram to flip around with a precisely timed direction change
  • Fixed the music getting quieter when entering a reverbarated area
  • 2-2 Railcannon hallway enemies will now still spawn even if the player enters from the other side
  • Fixed a bug where the shockwave from a Cerberus stomp or Hideous Mass slam would sometimes spawn above ground level
  • Using a coin to hit a Malicious Face will no longer cause the bloodsplatter to appear at the coin's location instead of where the shot hits
  • The board blocking the upstairs door in 1-4's main hall can no longer be broken through the door with an explosion
  • Fixed parry related inaccuracies caused by screenshake offsetting the camera
  • Fixed the player being able to jump out of the intro tube in 0-1's short intro version
  • Malicious Faces no longer get stuck in walls while dying
  • Picking up an item with a punch will now play the "holding item" version of the punch animation and putting down an item with a punch will now play the normal punch animation
  • If V2 dies during its intro animation, it will no longer get stuck

Patch 5C HotHotfix™ Changelog 2020/12/22

MID: 5929439658172113688


In a glorious display of human error, in the previous Hotfix [Hakita] accidentally edited the standard revolver's pierce shot's locational damage instead of the alternate revolver's pierce shot's. So, this is a Hotfix for the previous Hotfix.

Patch 5B Hotfix Changelog 2020/12/22

MID: 2886070410508407005

Changes and Fixes

  • Alternate revolver locational damage bonus increased from 0% to 25% (Now enough to kill a Soldier in one headshot)
  • Fixed a crash when loading a level when discord integration is enabled but discord has been logged out of
  • Fixed HUD color names displaying as "???" if the played hasn't killed a Cerberus yet
  • Fixed The Cyber Grind displaying as "???" without a thumbnail in the discord integration
  • Railcannon meter will now appear even if weapon icon has been turned off

YEAR.END.UPDATE 2020/12/19

MID: 4823824192987587997


  • Added "Colors" option to menu that allows color customization for the HUD and enemy silhouettes
  • Added global and friends leaderboards for The Cyber Grind (seperated by difficulty, will be disabled if using major assists or cheats)
  • Added Railcannon charge meter to HUD which shows the current charge of the Railcannon
  • Added "climbstepping": the player will now be able to walk over small height increases or reach a ledge they were just short of reaching
  • Added "Enemies" tab to the shop that shows info for enemies you've beaten at least once
  • Added pattern bundles to the Cyber Grind Patterns menu: folders in the Patterns directory are now transformed into bundles that let you easily enable or disable a group of patterns
  • Added Steam rich presence: Steam will now display your current level and difficulty on your friends list

General Changes

  • Changed the way levels and objects are stored (This is why the update is large)
  • Level start doors will now open sooner if you're sliding or dash jumping towards them
  • Streetcleaners can now only be instakilled by ricoshots if the coin is behind the Streetcleaner
  • Alternate Revolver now has a faster equip animation but will play a slower version if the gun has been fired within the past 2 seconds without pulling back the hammer
  • Alternate Revolver's Piercer alt fire beam can now only hit a single target 4 times before piercing through (maximum total hits is still 6)
  • Alternate Revolver now no longer gets a locational damage bonus unless reflected by a coin
  • Coin splitshot window reduced from 0.1s (6 frames at 60FPS) to 0.067s (~4 frames at 60FPS)
  • Standard jump height increased very slightly
  • Added alternate punch and coin flip animations for arms when holding items to avoid blocking too much of the screen
  • Spawner arm can now only spawn enemies that the player has beaten at least once
  • Hideous Mass can now take damage from explosions if they're not blocked by the armor and not caused by an enemy
  • Hideous Mass will no longer take damage from his own projectiles unless they've been parried


  • Fixed a bug where the weapon icon would appear at the start of a mission even if disabled in the HUD options
  • Gabriel should no longer be able to use the same taunt voiceline twice in a row
  • Fixed a bug where the player would be moved slightly inside the ground when stopping a slide which sometimes allowed for clipping through thin floors
  • Knuckleblaster will now give style points when punching enemies
  • Fixed bug where thrown coins would not chain with punched coins
  • Slightly moved Feedbacker's item holding position to reduce clipping while using a monitor and holding an item at the same time
  • Glow intensity in Cyber Grind custom themes will now be saved
  • Weapons can no longer be used while using the shop by pausing, unpausing and switching weapons
  • Player can no longer slide after death

Hot Fix Patch 2020/11/06

MID: 495660888257708180

General Changes

  • Current pattern's name is displayed at the start of each wave if using custom patterns
  • Custom pattern order is now randomized
  • Pattern previews are now oriented correctly
  • Current page resets to the first page when opening a folder
  • Fixed bug where the Cyber Grind would sometimes not load the next pattern after all enemies are dead
  • Cyber Grind will now delete living enemies if a miscount happens and the wave changes before all enemies are dead

  • Fixed the punch sometimes getting stuck when punching and throwing a coin at the same time
  • Fixed the punch no longer working if paused and unpaused during the death screen
  • Removed the stamina bar from the 3-1 level thumbnail
  • Using the spawn arm cheat will no longer hide the "Keep Enabled" cheat option
  • Fixed broken Texture Warping slider on some levels

Early Access Patch 2020/11/05

MID: 8159764890395619589


  • Added custom Cyber Grind patterns
  • Cyber Grind custom textures menu now displays folders
  • Added "Disable enemy spawns" cheat
  • Added "Keep enabled" option to the cheats menu
  • Added current difficulty name to chapter select

Balance Changes

  • Drones now have a parry window
  • Malicious Face now takes double damage from ground slams
  • Magneted nail damage reduction decreased from 50% to 35%
  • Magneted nail damage reduction will no longer be stacked


  • Fixed issue where Railcannon variation ordering was not working properly
  • Fixed an issue where the revolver pickup would not give the player the revolver on a fresh save if they had previously equipped the Alternate Revolver
  • Fixed an issue where a point-blank shotgun shot did an unintended additional burst of damage on some enemies (though kept it for the Malicious Face)
  • Tweaked slopecheck code to hopefully reduce amount of snapping inside the floor
  • Fixed bug where Cerberus statues would sometimes lose the attack speed multiplier from playing on Violent or when enraged
  • Fixed bug where lava and acid would stop hurting the player when passing between 2 triggers of the same pool
  • Fixed bug where players can get locked inside the 3-1 Cerberus arena by beating the encounter after only touching one of the spawn triggers
  • Fixed bug where players could circle around the triggers in the 3-1 Cerberus arena to pass through without activating the fight
  • Fixed an issue where players could get a fake P rank at the end of a mission with cheats turned on
  • Fixed an issue where a point-blank shotgun shot did an unintended additional burst of damage on some enemies (though kept it for the Malicious Face)
  • Tweaked slopecheck code to hopefully reduce amount of snapping inside the floor
  • Fixed bug where Cerberus statues would sometimes lose the attack speed multiplier from playing on Violent or when enraged
  • Fixed bug where lava and acid would stop hurting the player when passing between 2 triggers of the same pool
  • Fixed bug where players can get locked inside the 3-1 Cerberus arena by beating the encounter after only touching one of the spawn triggers
  • Fixed bug where players could circle around the triggers in the 3-1 Cerberus arena to pass through without activating the fight
  • Fixed an issue where players could get a fake P rank at the end of a mission with cheats turned on
  • Fixed an issue where V2 would sometimes get stuck behind the unbreakable pillars near the exit door after the fight
  • Fixed an issue where V2's battle music would not start again if the player resets to checkpoint after beating it
  • Added a trigger to the outside of the V2 arena that will allow the player to re-enter if they've fallen out of bounds
  • Fixed an issue where the player would be respawned in the air when respawning to the V2 battle checkpoint
  • Fixed an issue where the coin flying sound and shop music would persist while paused

Early Access Patch 2020/10/13

MID: 3462852073832859499

General Changes

  • Added the ability to change the order of equipment for weapon variations at the shop
  • When double-tapped, the active stats screen will now stay open when restarting a mission or continuing directly into the next level (as long as the level is not a secret level and has already been beaten)
  • Picking up the revolver in 0-1 with the alternate charge revolver equipped will no longer replace it
  • Added silhouette for the Shotgunners

Level Changes

  • Added a level challenge to 3-1 ("Kill a Mindflayer with acid")
  • Removed the dual Malicious Face wave from the final arena of 3-1 because it felt obsolete and fillery
  • Added a message to the first time a player finds a secret mission to make it clearer that secret missions are not mandatory
  • Breaking the fusebox on top of the exit building in the last arena of 2-2 will now spawn the Malicious Face and Shotgunners on the nearby rooftops if they haven't been spawned yet
  • Added door to 1-1 first room so the first wooden door a player encounters isn't locked, as that lead some players to assume that all wooden doors are locked
  • Added tutorial message to 1-1 for picking up items
  • Added a light to the Nailgun pick-up to make it harder to miss
  • If the player still misses the Nailgun, a second Nailgun pick-up will appear at the start of 1-2

Weapon Changes

  • Screwdriver's bloodsplatter healing range has been doubled
  • Slightly increased Screwdriver's damage
  • Screwdriver will no longer sometimes stop spraying blood
  • Screwdriver drill's duration is now handled by amount of hits rather than time, meaning it should now always do the same amount of damage regardless of framerate
  • Screwdriver drill will break instead of sticking if hitting the environment without hitting an enemy first
  • Updated Screwdriver's shop description to reflect its new role as a healing tool

Enemy Changes

  • Mindflayers can no longer teleport while a Screwdriver is stuck in them
  • Mindflayers can no longer teleport during their homing attack windup
  • When teleporting during a melee attack windup, Mindflayers will now have a 0.25s delay before continuing the attack to avoid situations where a player can be hit immediately after a teleport
  • Added a unique spawn sound for Mindflayers to make it extra clear when one has spawned
  • V2 will now move slower while a Screwdriver is stuck in them
  • V2's attack flashes are now larger to make them easier to see
  • V2's charge pitches are now higher to make them easier to separate from the player's
  • If the player has been avoiding V2 enough for them to start chasing the player, they will gain a slight speed boost and will cancel their slides earlier to make them chase more accurately
  • Instead of using triple charge shots while enraged, V2 will now only use single charge shots but gain a large movement speed buff to help them catch up to the player
  • V2 will now take longer to unenrage
  • Gabriel's summoned swords will no longer target the player on Violent difficulty, this aspect of the ability will be reserved for Brutal and UKMD.
  • Gabriel's spear dive attack can no longer hit sliding players
  • Gabriel can now only perform a single axe throw between taunts
  • Gabriel's first attack string will now include the correct amount of combo attacks based on difficulty (3 on violent) instead of the default 2
  • Changed Cerberus' collider to be a capsule instead of a box to decrease chances of them getting stuck on ledges
  • Reduced radius of Swordsmachine's capsule collider to decrease chances of them getting stuck on ledges
  • Unjuggleable enemies (Cerberus and Swordsmachine) will no longer get launched by jumping pads to increase their threat level in areas with jump pads

Cyber Grind Changes

  • Scores are now saved seperately for each difficulty. The wave high score from a previous version will be applied to all difficulties, if you want to avoid this go to the Saves folder and remove the cybergrindhighscore file. (You will also need to disable Steam cloud if it's enabled)
  • Reduced maximum amount of bloodstains in the Cyber Grind
  • Gibs will now be cleared out at the start of each wave
  • Added a buffer for Special-category enemies (currently only Mindflayer). If a Mindflayer spawns in a wave, one cannot spawn in the next wave. If 2 Mindflayers spawn in a wave, one cannot spawn for 2 waves, etc.
  • If a Special-category enemy (currently only Mindflayer) hasn't spawned for 3 waves (not including waves pre-15 or buffer waves), at least one will spawn in the next one.
  • Cyber Grind enemy point bank now starts at 10 instead of 5
  • Mindflayer point cost increased from 45 to 55 (and will increase by 35 for each Mindflayer already spawned in the current wave)
  • Hideous Mass point cost increased from 35 to 45
  • Malicious Face point cost will increase by 5 for each Malicious Face already spawned in the current wave
  • Cerberus point cost will increase by 2 for each Cerberus already spawned in the current wave
  • Swordsmachine point cost increased from 16 to 20 (and will increase by 1 for each Swordsmachine already spawned in the current wave)

Bug Fixes

  • Low framerate will no longer slow the game down
  • Standard revolver charge beam will no longer break cracked walls, which allowed players to skip the first Swordsmachine fight without getting the shotgun
  • Secret mission intro rooms are no longer partially red
  • 1-1 blue altar door will no longer lead out of bounds if circling back the long way around after first picking up the blue skull
  • The underwater low-pass filter will no longer stop working if the player dies while underwater
  • Magnets should no longer cause weird behavior with doors

Early Access Patch 2020/09/13

MID: 5894457600270742295


  • Particle effect performance improvements
  • Weapons are now rebindable
  • Nailgun's equipping animation is now faster and can be cancelled earlier
  • Attractor Nailgun's magnet can now be fired without interrupting the primary fire
  • Core Eject Shotgun's explosives can now be shot out of the air with the Revolver and Railcannon, increasing the explosion's force and radius
  • Marksman Revolver's coin priority changed to: Coin > Grenade > Enemy > Glass
  • Explosions and the Knuckleblaster shockwave will now stop homing projectiles from tracking their target
  • Alt Revolver locational damage bonus has been halved
  • Alt Revolver equip animation now takes longer to make swap cancelling slightly less overpowered
  • Changed 1-3 split color door tutorial text to make it clearer which way is the harder path


  • Fixed NavMesh issues that caused enemies to clip into the environment in 1-3
  • Core Eject Shotgun's explosives will no longer launch the player in unexpected directions
  • If the Electric Railcannon hits an enemy before hitting a coin, the reflected beam will no longer ignore that enemy
  • Explosions and the Knuckleblaster shockwave will now redirect projectiles more accurately
  • Fixed The Cyber Grind debug controls being usable outside of debug builds

Early Access Patch 2020/09/04

MID: 1590354579591929448


  • Enabling cheats now has its own status tracker instead of relying on Major Assists. Enabling cheats will no longer enable Major Assists, but beating a level with cheats turned on will not award the player with any rank at all.
  • New high scores will no longer be saved if the player has cheats or major assists enabled.
  • Changed order of the info box on the results screen to show if Major Assists or cheats were used before showing restart stats and damageless bonuses
  • Made the info box on the results screen omit the gained point values from bonuses if there's too much text to include all of it inside the box
  • Slightly nerfed Gabriel on violent difficulty: slightly shorter greatsword range, taunt breaks now last 3 seconds instead of 2
  • Updated options checkboxes to have a clearer symbol


  • Fixed additional mouse buttons not being bindable
  • Fixed massive tanking in performance caused by environmental particle effects
  • Fixed a bug where, when waiting a while on a results screen, the player will start the next level out of bounds
  • Fixed "Return from Cyber Grind" button
  • Fixed 2-2 fuseboxes only being breakable with some weapons
  • Fixed 1-2's second secret orb not showing up
  • Fixed vertex warping artifacts on distant objects in 2-1
  • Removed a stray collider in the Cyber Grind sometimes making players who are falling off get stuck in midair
  • Removed the out of date and broken "2D Screens" UI option
  • Fixed the ending of 2-1 sometimes not spawning in

Early Access Launch 2020/09/03

MID: 7660332651227358717
No changelog provided

ULTRAKILL Prelude v1.05b 2020/06/16


  • Made the setup volume settings clearer to avoid people accidentally leaving their volume off
  • Made active magnets shatter when restarting from a checkpoint
  • Made magnet timer beep lower pitched
  • Added a trigger behind the 1-1 red door to open it in order to stop players from getting stuck behind it in rare circumstances


  • Fixed bug where 1.04 players who had used the "2D shop" option would not be able to use the shop in 1.05
  • Fixed bug where Swordsmachine would stand still without doing anything in a hallway in 0-2
  • Fixed bug where Swordsmachine would stop attacking if parried during the final frame of his sword throw
  • Fixed bug where the blue door above the 1-1 waterfall would not spawn the room correctly if backtracked
  • Fixed the ceiling not working in 0-S
  • Fixed the arm not working in 0-S
  • Fixed multiple possible rare occurrences of null references due to script execution order quirks that would snowball into breaking basic functions
  • Fixed some Z-fighting issues
  • Fixed charge shot breaking when hitting the first Swordsmachine tease in 0-2
  • Fixed one of the nailgun variation buttons not being layered correctly in the shop
  • Fixed bug where enemies wouldn't be able to pass through doorways in 1-1
  • Fixed bug where the player wouldn't be able to move if they died, paused and unpaused and then respawned
  • Fixed a memory leak that caused unexpected crashes

ULTRAKILL Prelude v1.05 2020/06/13

Hey everyone -- Been a while. Trust me though, I've been busy working on the game, which has recently been picked up by publisher/developer New Blood Interactive. As it inches ever closer to the completion of its first act and therefore its Early Access release, I started to feel like the Prelude levels were lagging behind in terms of quality, so I gave them a rework. Changes in visuals, structure, pacing and enemy placement to keep things trucking along smoother.

On top of that I've also added a new level to the demo, 1-1: Heart of the Sunrise, which includes a new weapon, the Nailgun.

There's also been way too many tweaks, fixes and changes to list them all, but in general the game should feel smoother and run better now.

ULTRAKILL Prelude v1.04b Hotfix 2020/02/02

  • Fixed a hole in the floor in the first arena of 0-4.

ULTRAKILL Prelude v1.04 2020/02/02

I've been making some changes here and there to base things so I figured I might as well push out a new version of the Prelude that includes these updates. The levels and guns are still the same though.

I don't have a complete changelog, but here's the big ones (off the top of my head):

  • Cerberus has been made easier on the Standard difficulty
  • Ground slam now takes 2 stamina bars instead of one, but doing a quick tap of the button allows you to perform a ground slam without the shockwave, taking no stamina
  • Ground slams now launch enemies based on how high up you started the slam from (and if you were really high, enemies will get instantly killed by fall damage)
  • "Slam bouncing" is a new movement tech where you can jump immediately after a ground slam to use the momentum for a very high jump. Works with both the shockwave and non-shockwave versions.
  • Punch is now a spherecast instead of a raycast, meaning it's more lenient on aim. Visual flair included.
  • Animations on shops and menus.
  • Added "ghost" soul orbs to where the player has already found a soul orb. These will give no point bonus, but will show where a soul orb used to be.
  • Some small changes to the levels to make them more intuitive.
  • General optimization.
  • Added an option to turn the shop into a 2D screen instead of a 3D screen. Should be on by default for Linux, as the 3D screen version doesn't work properly on Linux.

And probably a whole bunch of other stuff I'm forgetting.

  • Undocumented: Added Enemy Step

ULTRAKILL Prelude v1.03b 2019/09/05


  • Added new performance options for disabling environmental particle effects and simplifying enemy spawn effects

Balance Changes

  • Changed projectile parry from a raytrace into a hitbox, making projectiles a bit easier to punch at an angle.
  • Cerberus can no longer be cheesed by standing on the pedestal they start from


  • Stopped a bug where touching the level end pit without falling in freezes the player
  • Fixed bug where the player can keep playing after dying by pausing and unpausing during the death screen
  • Fixed Swordsmachine's horizontal throw leaving the sword in the arena if the player restarts while the sword is returning to his hand

ULTRAKILL Prelude v1.03 2019/09/03


  • Mouse X and Y invert options
  • Mousing over the challenge button of a completed level in the level select screen now shows the challenge of that level
  • Added the framerate target option that defaults to twice the current screen's refresh rate to improve performance and fix some physics errors
  • Made projectile boosting (aka "shotgun teching") from a bug into an official feature, making it work more consistently and removing the style gain unless the boosted projectile hits an enemy as well as removing the health gain

Balance Changes

  • Added 3 mercy frames between a projectile hitting the player and the damage happening, making projectile parrying slightly more lenient.
  • Added diminishing returns on healing a lot in a short period of time to disincentivize tanking hits, though this shouldnt be enough to affect anyone who isn't
  • Cerberus can no longer be cheesed by standing on top of its head in a corner

Other Changes

  • Made texture warping a slider rather than a toggle
  • Made toggles in the options slightly lighter so they're more easily visible


  • Fixed some OOB bugs
  • Marksman revolver now shows the correct charge if fully charged while unequipped
  • Fixed Shift binding correctly in the controls options
  • Disabling camera tilt no longer breaks vertical mouselook
  • The player should no longer be able to walljump off thin air after certain events
  • Fixed the demo not ending properly if the player makes it into the other room too fast
  • Shotgun core eject errors fixed
  • 0-4 final hallway's way back now opens once the enemies are defeated
  • Fixed massive slowdown caused by errors from the "Simplified Fire" option
  • Fixed the shop tutorial message showing up too late
  • Fixed Something Wicked not playing the screech in some rare situations

ULTRAKILL Prelude v1.02 2019/08/30

  • Fixed the door not opening in the demo's ending
  • Fixed Swordsmachine getting stuck in 0-2 side arenas (For real this time (hopefully))
  • Slowed down the shotgun's equipping animation slightly, shotgun cancelling now takes 12 frames instead of 8
  • Made alternate mouse buttons bindable
  • Level change can no longer freeze if paused on the exact frame
  • Crushers will now kill you if you get stuck behind them
  • Fixed a bug where breaking a glass wall while clinging to it caused the game to let you walljump off thin air
  • Fixed an untextured wall in 0-3
  • Fixed Overkill animation not working properly
  • Fixed checkpoints breaking if 0-3 is played backwards

ULTRAKILL Prelude v1.01 2019/08/29

  • SM should no longer get stuck in 0-2 side arenas
  • Can no longer climb to the roof of 0-3's first SM encounter
  • Made punch parrying more effective against SM as well as causing him to enrage
  • Can no longer stand on breakable wall in 0-3's first SM encounter
  • Changed how Marskman revolver works
  • Changed how both Revolver variations recharge
  • Respawning should no longer make environment flicker
  • 0-1 now uses faster intro if the player already has picked up the Revolver once
  • Cerberus intro uses faster versions after restarting from checkpoint
  • Can no longer heal when hit by an explosion
  • Renamed 'Pixel crust' option to 'Downscaling'
  • Fixed ceilings in 0-2 first room and 0-S
  • Fixed doors not closing after automatically opening from an arena ending when other doors are opened
  • Pausing during hitstop should no longer freeze the game
  • Melee zombies now work properly on Violent and will no longer dance when the player is in range
  • Added invisible wall to the ramp in the secret ducts in 0-2 to stop player from clipping through the ceiling
  • Fixed a hole in a secret in 0-1 that could cause players to get stuck
  • Added options for disabling camera tilting and changing the amount of screenshake
  • Made the glass in the first arena of 0-1 no longer show unspawned rooms
  • Made wall clinging fade with time

ULTRAKILL Prelude Demo Launch 2019/08/28

No changelog provided